Move Over Flat Stanley

Stick Figure Richard (SFR as fans affectionately refer to him) is a man who maddens women. He may also be a genius who has discovered the secret of transmitting pheromones through the really small screen — YouTube. How else to explain that within hours of his first appearance fans all wanted their own SFR? Natazukii may have to create a fan club. ;-)

And I had thought that SFR fever was confined to a small number of bloggers, but now I know it’s much more widespread. Otherwise how to explain normally level-headed female friends from various and sundry blogs and forums who became flushed-cheek and bright-eyed at the possibility of finding SFR in their mailboxes? “Oh, my God. Oh, my God. But he is gorgeous,” cried the most frenzied, and at possibility of receiving hers in the mail, one asked, “Listen, do you think it would be totally unprofessional if I took him to work?”

Now it seems that SFR really gets around. First he was in Canada, then the U.S. Now he’s across the Atlantic, and I notice he was smart enough to visit Spain after the Running of the Bulls. Oh, yeah, SFR is one clever piece of parchment, and I’m sure he knows how to get in and out of tight places.

I only have one question: where is the paper doll to build him up? “Given that I’m going to be abroad for the next six months, it’s no bad thing to be single this year,” he says ruefully. “It’s a peripatetic existence I’ve seen others struggle with.” Ooh, words like peripatetic make my heart skip a beat, and he actually knows what they mean!

So all you paper dolls listen up. You’ve got a shot in six months. Wonder what kind of vellum is alluring to him. Something to think about when you quit dreaming about Lucas.

Apologies to Patricia Nicol who wrote the original Times piece.

Candid shot is mine, and I can’t think of a more fitting “frame” than the “horns” from a deer hunt.

This post was Nat inspired. Yeah, I’m sure that’s obvious, but I still wanted to say it. Thanks for the good times, Nat.

edit: and I can’t forget about Richard Armitage:

Dear Rich,

Thank you for being a good sport. Well, I assume you’re a good sport.

One of your crazy fans

edit: I’ve changed the link to the Times Piece so that it is accessible again, and I’m grateful to the ladies at Richard Armitage Central, who made it possible for me to have something to link. Thank you, Ladies for all the great work you do!!