Move Over Flat Stanley

Stick Figure Richard (SFR as fans affectionately refer to him) is a man who maddens women. He may also be a genius who has discovered the secret of transmitting pheromones through the really small screen — YouTube. How else to explain that within hours of his first appearance fans all wanted their own SFR? Natazukii may have to create a fan club. ;-)

And I had thought that SFR fever was confined to a small number of bloggers, but now I know it’s much more widespread. Otherwise how to explain normally level-headed female friends from various and sundry blogs and forums who became flushed-cheek and bright-eyed at the possibility of finding SFR in their mailboxes? “Oh, my God. Oh, my God. But he is gorgeous,” cried the most frenzied, and at possibility of receiving hers in the mail, one asked, “Listen, do you think it would be totally unprofessional if I took him to work?”

Now it seems that SFR really gets around. First he was in Canada, then the U.S. Now he’s across the Atlantic, and I notice he was smart enough to visit Spain after the Running of the Bulls. Oh, yeah, SFR is one clever piece of parchment, and I’m sure he knows how to get in and out of tight places.

I only have one question: where is the paper doll to build him up? “Given that I’m going to be abroad for the next six months, it’s no bad thing to be single this year,” he says ruefully. “It’s a peripatetic existence I’ve seen others struggle with.” Ooh, words like peripatetic make my heart skip a beat, and he actually knows what they mean!

So all you paper dolls listen up. You’ve got a shot in six months. Wonder what kind of vellum is alluring to him. Something to think about when you quit dreaming about Lucas.

Apologies to Patricia Nicol who wrote the original Times piece.

Candid shot is mine, and I can’t think of a more fitting “frame” than the “horns” from a deer hunt.

This post was Nat inspired. Yeah, I’m sure that’s obvious, but I still wanted to say it. Thanks for the good times, Nat.

edit: and I can’t forget about Richard Armitage:

Dear Rich,

Thank you for being a good sport. Well, I assume you’re a good sport.

One of your crazy fans

edit: I’ve changed the link to the Times Piece so that it is accessible again, and I’m grateful to the ladies at Richard Armitage Central, who made it possible for me to have something to link. Thank you, Ladies for all the great work you do!!

The Home Stretch

For those who don’t know the meaning, home stretch refers to the last part of a horse race and not to be confused with the seventh inning stretch which refers to taking a break before the last part of a baseball game. We’ve passed the time for taking a break. As I write this, we have less than two hours to break the will of the O’Loughlin fans.* MUHAHAHAHA. So get over there and do your part and vote for RA as the Hunkie of the month! Even though RA is really THE Hunkie:

Don’t get confused and take a break and think it’s time to just go home, which is what I thought at my first professional baseball game. Imagine my chagrin and if I’m honest, my disappointment when I got up to leave and realized the game was not over. It had two more torturous innings and thank heaven it didn’t go into extra innings. I’m glad to know this poll is going to end soon because I’d like to rest this weekend. LOL!

Yeah, Keith, I know how you feel.**

Hang in there. The poll will be done at 9pm GMT today (well, today for some of us). Just to make sure you know exactly how much time is left, I provide a big fat link to London’s time below. More of my public service.

Click here to see if there is still time

And be sure to read the instructions about multiple voting so your votes are not invalidated! Hunkess has got her whip out, so don’t be messin’ with her, or our guy will pay…

and we’ll be left behind:

Doncha love how I mixed these metaphors? I can’t think of a better way to honor baseball than to confuse the subject. LOL! But I apologize to race fans for mixing the two.

This post was inspired by Nat, who uses pictures and words to tell wonderful stories or give her own slant on all things RA or somehow related. Phew, that was work, Nat. It’s her blog’s birthday this week, so be sure to give her some good wishes!

*You were supposed to click on that link. ;-)

**Professional ball player Keith Hernandez

Screencaps Courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Candid shots courtesy of various artists and allowed under the Creative Commons license.

Happy Birthday Armitage Fan Blog!!

In honor of Nat’s blog turning one:

Reminded me of you, Nat (and SFR).

Thank you for all of the good times!

Top Ten Fanvids

Okay, I should say these are MY top ten fanvids.

For anyone who’s been following this blog, you already know I lamented the difficulty of making this post and mainly because there are so many RA videos out there. But I had such a good time trying to watch as many as I could to be fair. These things are almost like my children. I didn’t realize I had it in me to love so many. All the more to make it difficult to highlight only ten. But what a great problem to have! And I scrapped my in-depth criteria. The post would have been too long, and it may be already! Quite simply the ones selected are the videos I find myself going back to again and again.

I put them in an order, but hey, this order could change tomorrow or maybe later today. LOL!

I’ve embedded all of them below which shouldn’t be a problem, but if enough people experience problems, I may change how I’ve configured this post.

#10 — the ethereal quality of the song and the editing make me accept this AU (Alternate Universe) story as canon! Very soothing on a lot of levels. LOL!

#9 — considering it’s Thornton’s longing we mostly see in North and South, I love this take on Margaret pining.

edit: this video is no longer on YouTube, so the creator of the video, ATFrancis, has given me permission to upload here, and if you would like your own copy, you can download at FoolishPassion, one of Elvira’s sites.

#8 — this was one of my first Guy videos, and it captures his angst over Marian perfectly. At one point it disappeared from YouTube, but then it came back. Yea! I’ve never gotten tired of watching it. I love the editing, and it was my introduction to Shinedown.

#7 — too much to write about why I love this one; maybe it should move up. No, I’ve got to stop somewhere. Thank you, DB for editing MJ’s song. It was way too long. Your timing is perfect.

#6 — this is a masterpiece and probably should be #1. It’s the shortest video on the list, but the impact of it is enormous. I’ll stop there or this post will be so long it won’t load.

#5 — the quality of this video is stunning. Please, please, please if you like it, download it in the 1080 format. It’s RA like you’ve never seen him. Oh, and it’s Shinedown again. Love it!

#4 — whatever “it” is, Nat has it. I’ll sum up this video in a word: brilliant. Also, great thanks to Heather for her wonderful inspiration!

#3 — this is one slick video. DB just gets better and better and she’s already great. Oh, I would love to go back and completely rewrite the post I did on this one!

#2 — it’s scary how many times I’ve watched this and not just at the normal speed but slowed down as well. I notice something new every time, so I can’t seem to stop analyzing it. The video is a feast.

#1 This video may be a 10.

Most of these are available for download. Check their YouTube descriptions to find out how.

It’s Not Just About RA

This is what I love about being an RA fan:

his other fans. There are so many creative people and nice people and just generally fun people in this fandom. I LOVE this! I LOVE Natalie and may be as big a fan of hers as RA’s, but I wouldn’t have known about her without knowing about him. Thank you, Richard Armitage, even though you may have no clue about Natalie.

Speaking of which, is it possible for someone to let him know about her?! Would that be appropriate? I honestly don’t know. I just write this junk here and don’t try to communicate with him at all. But if he hasn’t seen SFR, he is MISSING OUT! LOL!!

So if anyone has words of wisdom about how to let him know, send me a message or make a comment. Yeah, I know I can send a letter via his agents, but is there another, better way?

Oh, and if you have stumbled on this blog and haven’t had the pleasure of reading Nat’s blog, go there quickly! :D

ARRGH!! The end of my original post got cut off!

I can’t let this go without saying I love Heather too! It’s because of Heather’s wonderful videos that I even know who RA is, so I owe her a big THANK YOU! To see her work, go here and here!