Speculation — My Favorite Pastime

I immersed myself in over a thousand Post Secret cards to get ready for my last two pieces. The range of emotions this evoked nearly took off my head. Each card is a story much like the six word story attributed to Hemingway although the Post Secret cards are more powerful for being non-fiction. There was a card every now and then that made me wonder if Gary Larson was at work:

For the uninitiated Post Secret is a blog begun in 2005 by Frank Warren, who gave a platform for people’s secrets. Once a week on Sunday, he posts 20 of the cards he receives. Yesterday the site celebrated a half billion visits, and almost countless blogs commemorated. Our own Funky Blue Dandelion was among them and with a little something more.

I have many more thoughts about the Post Secret dynamic, but I’m not quite sure they would fit on this blog.

As for the connection to Richard Armitage, isn’t he in the business of telling someone’s story? Oh yeah, he should be tagged in this post. :D

Postcard from the 2005 Post Secret archive collection.