Dateline: NYC — Into the Storm Premiere?

Into the Storm PremiereI’ve had some questions in email about the movie premiere (not to be confused with the general release which is August 8th U.S., August 22nd UK). I honestly don’t know where the Into the Storm premiere is happening or when. But there are some pieces to the puzzle, and I bring them for those who haven’t been paying attention.

  • Nathan Kress tweets about the premiere being in NY
  • The Old Vic having no tickets for sale on August 4th
  • The Old Vic being closed on Sunday
  • London being much closer to NY than LA
  • Richard Armitage having digs in NY

Here’s how it works out in my mind: a quick trip to NY on Saturday night after The Crucible performance, sleep on the plane, rest some more on Sunday, do the premiere on Monday (maybe in the afternoon; yes, they have movie premieres in the afternoon. Remember Captain America?), catch a flight back to London on Monday afternoon/evening, rest some more on the plane, no matinee on Tuesday (thank God!), ready for performance time on Tuesday night. Voila! a premiere done and only one Crucible performance missed!

Or the premiere could happen Sunday with a trip back to London on Monday morning.

Stop me. Someone please, please stop me. I have to get back to work!!

But aren’t you glad I have time to think about all of this for you. Not that this was too taxing, but I really am supposed to be working right now and here I am analyzing Richard Armitage’s schedule. *looks crosseyed* Hell, I bet he has a meltdown over his schedule at times, so I should not even begin to process this. No, no, I’m not really processing this. I’m just throwing this out for you to have something to think about, and especially for those who live close to NY or who can get there really quickly. LOL!

Truth: I do not know where or when this premiere is happening. Just wanted to say that again in case someone thought I really knew something. I don’t.

But if it were in NYC on Monday, August 4th or even Sunday August 3rd, I can dig it. Oh yeah. I happen to be attending a business conference there on August 2nd and 3rd. I was going to come back home on the 4th, but now I think I’ll stay an extra day just to ensure I don’t miss something. :D


I can’t imagine anything sweeter than going to your movie premiere AND writing the plane trip off my taxes. So maybe you could talk to Warner Bros. and they could accommodate? Presumptuous I know, but really, this place wouldn’t exist if I weren’t presumptuous. I’ll stop with that thought as I feel a tangent coming on.

And I threw in that last detail about your digs ’cause if you’re like most people, you always rest better in your own bed. Man, you need all the rest you can get with that intense schedule.

Your Crazy Fan

P.S. Could you also ask Warners if movie premiere tickets may be purchased by us regular Joes? I mean I think they could actually make a few bucks doing that, which would make for one helluva watch party. And you know your fans are well behaved. Of course those Nathan Kress fans might be a problem. ;-) But your fans won’t be. :D

Watch someone take me seriously about the comment on Nathan’s fans. For the record, I’ve met and interacted with quite a few of his fans, and they have all, to a person, been lovely. Impressive actually.

On an unrelated note: damn! Richard Armitage gives new meaning to ‘jobbing actor.’

And yes, that’s a lousy editing job on the movie poster. That’s what happens when I prepare a post in 15 minutes or less.


I think this is probably close to how it will go down:

Now I have to get back to my schedule. That was not a joke about working. I’m slammed.

Know Surprises

Richard Armitage with bedroom eyesNow that we’re reasonably sure Richard Armitage will be starring in The Old Vic’s version of The Crucible, this probably means no RA at Comic-Con in San Diego. Yep, I’m thinking that may be what it means. Unless he got two days off to make a jaunt across the pond. If he does come to the Con, he probably won’t be there on Saturday but rather Thursday, since Saturdays are big days in the theater. Or am I wrong about this?

Yeah, I think the group in London will try to accommodate a trip to Cali — at least mid-week so he can promote Into the Storm. Unless his last minute appearance at Cinema-Con in Las Vegas was a trade-off for not appearing in San Diego.

Then again, I could be so out in left field, because last time I checked, Peter Jackson is no pushover, and he’s not going to have a skeleton crew at Comic-Con and certainly not doing his thing on Thursday. It will be Saturday for PJ and company, and not to mention that Richard Armitage seems to be the point man for pushing The Hobbit. But maybe that was also a trade-off, so that Richard is getting it out of the way and will be free all summer. I kind of doubt that.

Or maybe it’s either/or. He gets to be there on Thursday or Saturday but not both. Or maybe both PJ and Todd have their promotions running on Saturday. I’m so confused.

My gut: if he made an agreement with Peter Jackson to be there for The Hobbit, he will be. How can I say that? Hmm, Peter Jackson, the West End, Peter Jackson, the West End. Uh yeah, it’s Peter Jackson. Whether fair or not, that’s probably reality.

Whatever happens, it’s probably not a good idea for fans to buy tickets to The Crucible from July 23-28.* Can you imagine how pissed off you would be if you did and he was an ocean away? Yeah, consider this post a public service.

Other than that, the photo above is an interesting pick for The Mail. Is he a deer caught in the glare of the paparazzi or are those the bedroom eyes that get John Proctor and the rest of Salem in trouble? ;-)

And a thank you to Baz Bamigboye for the latest ripple effect. Now if he could just put his ear to the ground and answer my musing…

edit: it just occurred to me I may have made an error in this piece because The Old Vic is not technically in the West End. It’s not even in the area known as Theatreland. I’m doing this entirely from memory, so if anyone knows, educate me please. I don’t have time to look it up! :)

* those blackout dates are subject to change based on the confirmed news we hear; however, it’s good to keep in mind that the Into the Storm premiere will be coming up not long after Comic-con. The world premiere will be less than two weeks after Comic-Con ends.

Richard has struck again

It seems our friend Todd Garner has been hit by the Armitage Effect. ;-)

What I want to know is whether Richard also subdues the Black Sky and Sarah Wayne Callies while he’s at it.

Aside: do you see how there is absolutely no need for Richard Armitage to be on Twitter? He’s put the whammy on all of us (I’m not complaining). Meanwhile, I would bet he’s dreaming somewhere.

Clever :D

Wait! a pic courtesy of Todd Garner. Thank you, Todd.



I really do think you’re clever, and Todd Garner is no slouch himself.

Looking forward to this movie.

One of your crazy fans

I can’t stand it. I had to blow it up:


I never had a teacher who looked like that. No dreamboats at my high school. Yeah, it was dull.

And yeah, I need a slap. It’s late where I am, and I’ll probably regret this post in the morning, but for now, damn! this is fun. Definitely beats the hell out of what I’ve been doing the last few months.

Is Black Sky Coming?

Click to see more awesome photos from

Click to see more awesome photos from

Last night there was a private screening of Black Sky and a reaction on Twitter afterward:


I did ask Todd Garner if there was a release date, and he said there was none yet, but Garner is resourceful, so I’m confident he will get a date and we will see this movie. And I have to remind myself that lots of movies take awhile to go from idea to release because there are fits and starts along the way. Look how long it took The Hobbit to even begin filming.

As to the devastating storms which occurred in Oklahoma last spring and left several dead including a father and son who were professional storm chasers, I don’t want to gloss over those situations. I grew up in Texas and have relatives in Oklahoma. I’ve seen the devastation of a tornado first hand — more than once. It looks like someone dropped a bomb, and the sense of death is overwhelming. It’s always amazed me how people go blithely on after something like that, so I would never treat that news flippantly. And if anything, the drama of a movie coming fairly closely on the heels of the Oklahoma disasters can help to humanize these ordeals in a way a news report or even a documentary cannot.

Garner made it clear he wants this movie experience to be very personal, “I wanted to make a movie where it would look at ordinary people (as opposed to mostly professional storm chasers) reacting to these situations when one minute they are living their lives, and the next minute things are completely out of their control and the house is falling in. What do they do? How do they deal with it? And hopefully the rest of us would ask ourselves how would we handle it?”

Is there any question Richard Armitage won’t deal with this in a way that makes the horror and stress real and leaves a resounding impact on the audience? Yep, we fans know he’s the perfect one to play a part like Gary Morris. I’m also very much looking forward to what the other cast will bring!


I’m not completely out of The Hobbit mode yet, but I am getting really curious about Black Sky and its cast. Instead of just keeping a bookmark file as I usually do, I decided to keep the information I find on a Pinterest board. I’ve also invited some of the other fan bases to participate. Of course I and some other Richard Armitage fans might seem scary. Hopefully, these other fans are brave. And btw, I’ll admit to being crazy but not scary. LOL! No, that wasn’t a maniacal laugh. :D

In the meantime, I found this screencap of Max Deacon and Nathan Kress gushing about Richard Armitage on Twitter. Yeah, I can handle some gushing.


It’s my understanding Max will play Donnie, son of Gary Morris, and Nathan Kress will play Trey, also son of Gary Morris. That could be wrong about the names, but obviously not wrong about the papa.

Why do I have this strange notion that before this is all over, I’m going to be gushing about these kids. Yeah, I said kids! ;P

And for those who were trying to help me find fan sites on some of these guys, I may have found an enclave of fans under my nose. Just looked at my daughter’s Facebook page and some of her friend’s pages. Phew!

Screencap courtesy of NothingButNathanKress

note: for all of you not on Twitter, it’s a lot of fun. Don’t count on me or others to always bring you these things. Just sayin’.

“Getting Down to Business”

Yep, Todd Garner is doing some business on our heads.

Bring it, Todd. I love it!

I know we have all been inhaling The Hobbit as often as sanity will allow, but is anyone ready to see Richard Armitage’s next piece? Feel free to gush.

Note: this post is for all of you who are still not on Twitter. You need to know that not everything interesting going on there becomes a post in RA universe, so what are you waiting for? The idea that it’s mindless? Or it’s intimidating? Some of it is mindless but surprisingly there is a lot that’s not. And if you never tackled something intimidating, think how bored you would be. Plus, there are several of us who are very willing to help you get acclimated.

The Black Sky Mashup

Since there’s been more talk lately of Richard Armitage’s future projects, I’m going to hit the question and yes, the fear about his next film, right up front. Will special effects be the star of Black Sky? We’ve all heard how Steve Quale, the director has been a protege’ of James Cameron. And many of us know while Cameron’s movies can be long on thrill ride, they can also be short on story. Will Quale be the same? And where does that leave Armitage who can certainly do action but puts a premium on story and character? How does Gary Morris (Armitage’s character) navigate a disaster?

A-sh0fTCEAA2Zu1.jpg large

That’s the question Todd Garner wants answered, “What does a normal person do in that situation?!” And “situation” in this instance cannot just be an allusion. It must seem real, which is where Quale comes in and necessitated by the video game era with the target audience being the video game age — 30s and below. A problem you say? Oh, I don’t know. I just saw a wonderful movie, which recently hit the half billion mark on revenue at less than two weeks after release, and it was primarily aimed at the video game age. Had a lot of special effects too.

But that was Tolkien, so the material was already great, and this can’t be as good? Black Sky may have something more appealing than The Hobbit. Yes, I really said that, and I’m a Tolkien fan! But I do not make a steady diet of fantasy. Most of the time I prefer movies that focus more on the human condition and with quirks. Enter Simon Beaufoy who is one of the writers of the Black Sky screenplay. His CV includes Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and The Full Monty. He’s got human condition and quirkiness down. The other writer is newcomer John Swetnam. I don’t know much about him although I was made aware of him a couple of years ago by Scott Myers at Go Into the Story. It seems Swetnam could be part of the impetus for the found footage story of Black Sky,and that’s an aspect that has fantastic possibilities for the character finding the footage. I’ve also looked at Swetnam’s Twitter timeline, and if it’s any indication, he’s quirky and witty. He seems a good match for Beaufoy. I can’t wait to see the mashup of these two and Quale.

And aren’t mash-ups the thing now? Some are so unlikely. Those are the ones I love. The unexpected that makes me consider from a new viewpoint, that takes my thinking out of a box. When I consider Black Sky‘s unlikely mashup of talent, the special effects are less threatening in upstaging Richard’s portrayal and are the obvious place for his creativity in crafting characters. I imagine him coming with a fascinating answer to Garner’s question about Gary Morris.