Nailing Oklahoma

We’ve been rippling over Richard Armitage in Black Sky and Todd Garner giving us some clues about how Richard will sound. He is definitely doing an American accent with the character being from Oklahoma. But how will he play it?

He could effect a General American accent, and no one would think anything of it. But if he does try to sound like an Okie, I think he will have an easier time than sounding like oh, let’s say a New Yorker because the patterns of his British speech are more closely related to Southern speech. Granted Okie isn’t pure Southern, but it’s close enough. The only other consideration for him would be effecting Good Ol’ Boy. :D

To wit:

James Garner (no relation to Todd that I’m aware), a master at Good Ol’ Boy. A scene from Support Your Local Sheriff, one of my favorite movies:

Johnny Bench seething about Pete Rose and good for emulating Good Ol’ Boy anger:

Who better than the Mick for an iconic Good Ol’ Boy sound, and if you don’t listen to this one, you are missing out:

However Richard Armitage sounds in Black Sky, I know it’s going to be good. I completely trust his instincts and intelligence to pull it off.