Nailing Oklahoma

We’ve been rippling over Richard Armitage in Black Sky and Todd Garner giving us some clues about how Richard will sound. He is definitely doing an American accent with the character being from Oklahoma. But how will he play it?

He could effect a General American accent, and no one would think anything of it. But if he does try to sound like an Okie, I think he will have an easier time than sounding like oh, let’s say a New Yorker because the patterns of his British speech are more closely related to Southern speech. Granted Okie isn’t pure Southern, but it’s close enough. The only other consideration for him would be effecting Good Ol’ Boy. :D

To wit:

James Garner (no relation to Todd that I’m aware), a master at Good Ol’ Boy. A scene from Support Your Local Sheriff, one of my favorite movies:

Johnny Bench seething about Pete Rose and good for emulating Good Ol’ Boy anger:

Who better than the Mick for an iconic Good Ol’ Boy sound, and if you don’t listen to this one, you are missing out:

However Richard Armitage sounds in Black Sky, I know it’s going to be good. I completely trust his instincts and intelligence to pull it off.


  1. Love SYLS! :)
    Looking forward to hearing what he does with the accent, too.

  2. It’s quite a nice accent to listen to! :)

  3. Oh my gosh! That is one of hub’s favorite stories when he gives athletic banquet speeches!! Back when Mick and Roger were battling it out, all of us neighborhood kids were either rooting for one or the other. Mick was my fav! :) uh …
    I think I just dated myself.

    Can’t wait to hear RA’s Okie!! Btw…is there a release date more specific than 2013?

  4. I have confidence in him, too. :D

    I was watching–well, half-way watching-a film today-and the main thing that struck was how really pleasant on the ears the southern accent of the young lead male was. Not being prejudiced, honestly. But it’s true. And I know some southern folks who could almost pass for British ;) so why not vice-versa?

    And I know lots of good ol’ boys in RL. James Garner–oh, I have loved him for years!!

  5. I think you’re biased, but so am I! There are some people who hate that accent, and some of them think people who speak that way are not very bright. LOL!

  6. Well, to be honest, I am not really keen on certain East
    Coast accents (sorry, any Yankees out there!). I took a college French class with a student from England and she spent time on the East Coast as well as in the South. She told us she much preferred our southern accents because they were “easier on the ear.” I just betcha Richard would say the same. ;) And nevah undahestimate a sutthunah. Especialy not a blonde sutthuna. I speak from experience. LOL

  7. Terrific clips! Actually, I was wondering if we’d see RA in a cowboy hat–seems to me that men in Oklahoma often wear them. Am I right?

  8. About as much as cowboy hats are worn in any of the western states I’d say. It just seems that image sticks with Okies and Texans. I say that as someone who grew up in that part of the U.S.

  9. Queen, I went to Mickey Mantle’s house when I was a kid. I could show you exactly where that house is today. He had a circular drive and I was fascinated with the yellow caddy that was usually parked the. I had never seen a yellow cadillac before.

  10. Zan, I never fail to laugh at that movie. James Garner is a gem.

    Judit, Good to hear that you like that sound. That’s what I grew up with and it’s how my husband speaks. My dad’s voice was almost identical to James Garner’s. My dad’s passed away so sometimes I get teary listening to Garner.

  11. Oh to have been you, lucky, lucky you!! I adored Mick and argued for hours at a time as to his superior baseball skills as opposed to Roger’s. No contest. Besides, Mick was cuter!!! :) Folks here to this day comment on my southern tawk. Can’t imagine why. RA will do good! I just know it…

  12. I didn’t realize at the time what a big deal it was. Mickey and my dad were friends. My dad was friends with his brother too.

  13. That is one great accent! I like that it sounds kinda gentle and relaxed, if you know what I mean. If Richard can pull that off he’ll be a hit for sure!

    I too love James Garner and The Rockford Files was a favourite.

  14. I’m a MASSIVE fan of The Rockford Files!

  15. That MIke Post theme song is playing in my head right now. Rockford rocked.

  16. Angel was my favorite:

  17. Teuchter, a southern(ish) accent can indeed be relaxed, soft-edged. Quite sexy, actually.

  18. Oh, yeah, it can be really sexy. I love a Southern Gentleman. Yes, we’ve had the discussion more than once. :D

  19. I can believe it ladies! Now can you tell me how we are going to handle watching Richard PLUS listening to that accent? I feel a swoon coming on.;)

  20. Teuchter, I am working up a warm glow just thinking about the possibilties. :D Now, if he just has an urgent need to take off his shirt in the film . . . ;)

  21. LOL!! We sure wouldn’t complain, but didn’t he say somewhere that he didn’t want to be known as the guy who takes his shirt off!

  22. Truth: I hope he doesn’t have to take his shirt off in this, but if he must, I guess i can live with it.

    More Angel. LOL!

  23. I was actually kidding about the shirt. I know he doesn’t want to be a sex object (although Richard, I gotta say–too late, Baby, you already ARE). Although I do hope we get to see his bared forearms. I love those arm hairs. *sigh* I love Angel, too!

  24. I’m kidding too. Either way it’s good. :D

    Who said something about Rockford? Bless you.

    More Angel:

  25. Can’t stop laughing..never saw this particular scene! Rockford ALWAYS made me laugh! I adore James Garner!!!! His voice may remind you of your dad but his looks remind me of mine! Thanks for the memories!!

  26. RAF … I love anything James Garner has done. Ever. Heck, I used to love the dang Polaroid commercials he and Mariette Hartley used to do. ;)

    Re: RA’s accent … I bet he can pull off a James Garner-esque good ol’ boy accent, and make it believable.

    As for the shirt … I’m finding it hard to imagine a “reason” for it to come off, given the context of the film. I wouldn’t complain, but … it shouldn’t be just for gratuitous display of that lovely body. Now, if for some reason he was, say, blown into a raging river and the current ripped at his clothes, well, that’s part of the script, right? ;)

  27. I honestly haven’t thought about his shirt coming off or not. I think he would feel better if it didn’t, and I can understand that.

  28. I liked the polaroid commericals too. We are really dating ourselves. LOL! Mariette who? :D

  29. Oh, I loved those Polaroid commercials! They had a great rapport. :D

    Re the Great RA State of Tornado Undress Debate ;)
    I figure if he’s searching in the aftermath of a tornado, the jacket will need to come off and the shirt sleeves rolled up or he’ll pare things down to a Tshirt.. It’s hot, dirty work, after all. That would make sense and hardly be gratuitous. Looked to me as if he had a t-shirt on under that shirt in one of the photos from the set.

  30. I definitely have my fingers crossed for Okie… :)

  31. His accent will be perfect, I’m telling you!. ;)*smirk*

  32. BTW,recently I saw an excellent comedy “My Fellow Americans”with James Garner(he was great in it!) and Jack Lemmon(I love him!):)

  33. I LOVE My Fellow Americans. It’s also one of my favorites. It’s a little jewel that hardly anyone knows about. Just watched it again when my kids were all home. It’s a family favorite.

    Hmm. I might need to do a tangent post on James Garner sometime. LOL!

  34. I’ll be interested to hear the accent. I’ve been skeptical because his “New York” accent in the poetry reading had my head spinning, as he flew back and forth between Boston and New Jersey, sometimes from one syllable to the next. And then there’s the story he himself told about auditioning in what he *thought* was an American accent and being told, “That’s good, now try it with an American accent.” ;-) But that was a while ago. My respect for his accents has increased since listening to some of his audio books, and I do agree with others that an Okie accent will probably be easier for him. And we all know he’s a hard worker, so I think there’s a good chance it will at least not be distracting. Here’s hoping.

  35. […] we want to call Armitage’s accent for Gary, it is definitely not Oklahoman. (Here are some reference points for that accent provided by RAFrenzy in 2012.) I don’t feel that that is such a problem, since Gary is supposed to be an English teacher […]

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