Speaking of Progress

Four years ago right about now I discovered Richard Armitage. Those who know the story, I’ll spare you a repeat. Those who don’t, you can read it here. From almost the beginning, I had such hopes he would again find a vehicle worthy of his abilities as he did in ‘North and South.’ But no matter his roles, he has often transcended the script — even when it was almost non-existent — making it abundantly clear he puts (if not his all) a great deal of himself into his performances. That almost child-like willingness to throw himself into his characters, into their stories, and his obvious satisfaction in doing so, has been as much a source of pleasure as his acting ability, and it has inspired me personally.

Richard Armitage has been a catalyst for something that had lain dormant. When I was a kid, no one could put my imagination in check, and my creativity spilled out everywhere I went and was often remarked and praised by others. Then I became sensible and pragmatic and lost something precious. I’m writing the story of how this happened. But! it will be fiction since I’ve discovered the joys of playing God. :D

[click to enlarge; yes, it’s even bigger than this]

Candid photo snaffled from Karima, and what excellent quality for a screencap from a fairly poor quality video. Hope she doesn’t mind since I didn’t ask first.