Rescue Mission Aborted

Richard Armitage is alive and well. Not sure he can speak, but he can move. :D

note: I’m posting this for all of you who are still not on Twitter.

The video below was taken at Ian McKellen’s one man show which has been raising funds for Christchurch’s earthquake-damaged Isaac Theatre Royal.

Once again, RA is almost hidden. Watch how he moves to the back. Some of that is conditioning from being tall. I have a daughter who is 5’8″ and a dancer. She was always up stage unless featured as I would bet he was. But he has long since left dancing and the stage. Hmmm.

For a long time I have believed his humility was part real and part effected, but I’m beginning to believe that he really is a bit shy. Considerate of fans but shy when not performing. Edit: shy is not the best word; reticent is more apropos.

My son is a performer, and at the risk of sounding biased (when has that ever stopped me), he is very good. He’s been known to draw crowds from 50 miles around. Might not sound like much, but it’s big deal in our parts. SO and I have continually encouraged him to also hone his public speaking skills, and he has resisted.

He finally said to me, “Mom, you don’t get it.”

I asked, “What don’t I get?”

“It’s easy to play characters. It’s another matter to play myself.”

Thanks again to for the heads up and all the great work you do!

Are You Ready for Some Comic-Con?

Richard Armitage will be there. A definitive statement? Yes! And I’ve said it before. It’s going to happen, so don’t worry. My gut is in overdrive anticipating it. The man is going to be there, my friends.

And if he’s not there, then my gut needs a serious check. Nah, it’s working just fine. :D

But to stay in the know, keep checking TheOneRing for details.