Are You Ready for Some Comic-Con?

Richard Armitage will be there. A definitive statement? Yes! And I’ve said it before. It’s going to happen, so don’t worry. My gut is in overdrive anticipating it. The man is going to be there, my friends.

And if he’s not there, then my gut needs a serious check. Nah, it’s working just fine. :D

But to stay in the know, keep checking TheOneRing for details.


  1. I was going to go this year but then something came up. BOOO!!

  2. Bummer for you! I would love to go myself! Wish I had planned it earlier. Oh well. However, I know TheOneRing is going to be on top of it!

  3. My hotel is booked. Looking at flight options Dear Mr. Armitage, please be there and make my dream come true. I am having readers and fellow bloggers help with potential questions. I promise, NO circus or truly lame/vague questions from me.

  4. I’m surprised you managed to get tickets. Comic Con always sells out very early!

  5. I assume you’re talking to Angie. If so, she is working for someone else who got her a pass.

  6. Thanks, Frebz, for answering that. I just got out of the shower after taking a walk with the hubby and dogs. Trying to prep for Comic-Con! :D

  7. Wish he would come to Australia

  8. Glad things are working out for you Angie, I sent some love ($) you way last week – hope you got it ok!!

  9. Yes, Mersguy, I did. and thanks very much! :D I need to send everyone thank-you notes . . . it’s going to happen, it’s actually going to happen.

  10. Glad things are moving along, Angie. But I know the wait has got to be killing you.

  11. Fantasic news Angie, oh my gosh a mere month or so to go -Squee!!
    I’m so excited for you, “please comic con gods let Angie have a picture with Richard!” ♥

  12. It’s a little over three weeks now. Please Comic-Con Gods, don’t let Angie completely lose her composure if she does meet—-Hiimself.. Frenz, I think I feel a bit like Richard when they all marched out in their costumes for PJ. Suddenly it all felt truly real to him for the first time. I think I may have to touch down in the Land of Palm Trees before it all seems real to me. Or maybe when I actually get my press badge . . . life certainly can surprise you sometimes, can’t it?

  13. Put in a good word for me Angie for NZ in Nov for the premiere!
    Q1 – Will you be attending?
    Q2 – Please stop and say “hi” and chat with Meri. LOL thanks ♥

  14. Angie, Yes, events can indeed surprise you sometimes. :D

  15. Just be sure and send me a picture. :D

  16. I’m taking the digital SLR, I’m taking the mini-camcorder, and of course, my voice recorder–I plan to try to capture as much as I possibly can. :D After all, this is both business AND pleasure. ;)

  17. It would’ve been EPIC if I could’ve been there, seeing as how the 15th is my birthday! But alas, I’ll be picking up my best friend from the airport and going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour instead. :D

    If anyone’s going to ComicCon, please give a full report afterwards! With photos! :D

  18. Traxy, I will be there as I am covering it as a reporter for an online site, Comic Book Resources. I will take notes, record, photograph and tape as much as I can. ;)

  19. @fedoralady Haha, yes, I saw your comment after I had posted mine. Hope you have a fantabulous time! And get to wish Richard all the best from all of his fans. :)

  20. Oh yes Angie!:)….and kiss him please ..and hug him. ;D

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