A Mother of a Housekeeper

All blogs are subject to what is known as link rot, i.e., a linked page goes away and the reader hits “404 Not Found” when the link is clicked. Site owners HATE THIS, and I’m no exception. I try to stay on top of it by various methods. There are apps that can be run to check, and this helps. But I haven’t found one that is 100% accurate, so I still have to check manually. I usually do this as a result of people accessing old pages. That was the case this evening when I happen to notice a very old post was being read. Of course I went over to read it too and discovered to my dismay that the site I had linked no longer exists. But thankfully, this site was cached (copies of the webpages saved) by the Internet Archive, also commonly known as The WayBack Machine. I actually send these people money because they’re preserving a precious part of the web. They preserve some trash too, but hey, as long as I can find most of the precious stuff among the trash, then I’m cool with however they keep house!

And this evening, I’m so grateful for them as I would not have been able to so easily keep this post current and pleasurable.

Enjoy! and maybe say a word or two of encouragement to the folks at the Internet Archive. A couple of dollars doesn’t hurt either.

One last thing. If you notice any of my links have rotted, would you send me a note! Thanks. :D

Now back to what I was doing, which is trying to finish an interview piece.