Relax, It’s SOP


Since Richard Armitage joined Twitter, I’ve heard a lot of gasps about the tweets that are directed to him. People are truly offended on his behalf, and I totally get it. There are some things said to and about him that are just flat out mean, but you need to remember it’s part of fame and/or accomplishment. I’ve said this before, and it’s just profoundly true. If you forge ahead, someone is going to come with something negative no matter how unjust it may be.

Dear Rich,

I hope you take a page out of James Blunt’s book on these negative tweets, and I hope you know that you and he are far from alone:

A crazy fan who has a skin like steel on this (most of the time) and hope you do too.

note: SOP is the acronym for standard operating procedure

And He’s Good Looking Too

James Blunt is who I mean
On Twitter with quips so keen
To those watching he leaves no doubt
In exquisite style he puts his detractors to rout
But never so low as to demean (Thank you, James)

Just a few comebacks from the “most hated man in pop”:

More here.

James Blunt


I knew you were talented when I listened to Give Me Some Love. Phew. What a song. There are others I love as well, but that’s not the point of this letter.

There is nothing sexier than a guy who is smart. Just don’t ever spoil it by revealing you don’t man your account alone. No, I’m not implying you have help, but if you do, I don’t want to hear about it!

Keep it up, and I’ll see you on the Twitter timeline.

A crazy fan of some guy named Richard Armitage and you of course.

P.S. Certainly I meant it when I said you’re good looking, but then you don’t need someone like me to tell you that. :D

For the Armitage fans, one of the best fan videos around, and if James Blunt (or his people; thinking of Warner Bros. mostly) were to come over here and look at this post, which I doubt but I’m covering my ass anyway, we need to make it clear that we (yes, I’m speaking for all or most of you) incessantly buy the music of these videos we love. *and the crowd all nodded in unison*

James’ new album Moon Landing comes out Tuesday in the U.S

Tangent — A Little Love

One of these days I may start writing a music blog. That’s my first love and will be the one that sees me out of this life. I can never close my mind to any kind of music and never get tired of listening to everything that comes down the pike. Yes, even rap music. Some of it is really good. The little SOs who are not slouches when it comes to knowledge of music (loving everything from Bach to Nat King Cole to Gershwin to Lou Reed to Muse) are always laughing at my music choices and then putting them on their iPods. :D

Lately I’ve been preparing another post about Lucas North, and the process of it has me listening to someone who became one of my favorites several years ago. He is a precious little jewel to me and apparently only to a few other people as he’s vastly underrated by the general public and unfairly swabbed with a song that was run in the ground awhile back. That debacle would ruin a lesser musician, but he’s too talented for that to keep him down. Oh, I’ll get to who it is, but I had to say that first. Whoever this guy really is, he’s a thinker, and he’s just damn fine at playing too.

The album this song below is from should go down as one of the all-time greats, but that will probably be dictated by his next few albums. Whatever his place in music history, I look forward to whatever he’s got. Before you look at this video, just know it’s a slideshow of someone’s wedding in Russia (?). Interesting song choice, but then perhaps the Russians are a bit pensive about everything even including a wedding event? Maybe Cresmix will weigh in and help us understand. Not that I expect her to speak for all Russians, but it does seem they are very emotional and sometimes heavy hearted even about something that should be joyous.

And I would embed something else, but this was the only thing I could find, and I really wanted you to hear this song if you’ve never heard it. I figured almost everyone had heard this song, but I’m finding out that’s not true — at least here in America, and that’s even with the album making it to Number 7 on the charts in the U.S.