Tangent — A Little Love

One of these days I may start writing a music blog. That’s my first love and will be the one that sees me out of this life. I can never close my mind to any kind of music and never get tired of listening to everything that comes down the pike. Yes, even rap music. Some of it is really good. The little SOs who are not slouches when it comes to knowledge of music (loving everything from Bach to Nat King Cole to Gershwin to Lou Reed to Muse) are always laughing at my music choices and then putting them on their iPods. :D

Lately I’ve been preparing another post about Lucas North, and the process of it has me listening to someone who became one of my favorites several years ago. He is a precious little jewel to me and apparently only to a few other people as he’s vastly underrated by the general public and unfairly swabbed with a song that was run in the ground awhile back. That debacle would ruin a lesser musician, but he’s too talented for that to keep him down. Oh, I’ll get to who it is, but I had to say that first. Whoever this guy really is, he’s a thinker, and he’s just damn fine at playing too.

The album this song below is from should go down as one of the all-time greats, but that will probably be dictated by his next few albums. Whatever his place in music history, I look forward to whatever he’s got. Before you look at this video, just know it’s a slideshow of someone’s wedding in Russia (?). Interesting song choice, but then perhaps the Russians are a bit pensive about everything even including a wedding event? Maybe Cresmix will weigh in and help us understand. Not that I expect her to speak for all Russians, but it does seem they are very emotional and sometimes heavy hearted even about something that should be joyous.

And I would embed something else, but this was the only thing I could find, and I really wanted you to hear this song if you’ve never heard it. I figured almost everyone had heard this song, but I’m finding out that’s not true — at least here in America, and that’s even with the album making it to Number 7 on the charts in the U.S.


  1. YOU ROCK!!! Am i vain that I know my funeral song too?? LOL Not that i plan to leave anytime soon! haven’t given his second album enough playtime .. yet! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. You should start a music blog! Maybe I can be a guest writer? ;) Just kidding (sorta) Music is my #1 passion too. I go to gigs when I can and have played in a couple bands. I grew up in a musically divided household, each member liking their own genre(s) but I was the youngest in the family and ended up liking all genres and anything I could hear, really. I’m also the only person in my family who can see music. So when I meet another who is passionate about music I get super excited and we can share artists for hours. And it’s not surprise that my closest friends are music lovers. One is a music teacher (though she’d rather play music for fun, not for work, she says! I can understand her sentiment…)

    …and that’s enough about me!

  3. I think I can freely declare that this song was chosen for the slideshow purely because of its tempo and motif. Most of the time, a Russian likes an “english-spoken” song thanks to its lyrical or upbeat sound and not the lyrics – prevailingly, Russians seldom understand what the song is about (unless in possession of some English skills apparently which is rarely the case).
    But Frenzy is right about us being “emotional and heavy-hearted” even about joyous things. That’s our mentality and it’s been mold for centuries by the course of events, rulers, history. As a visitor in Russia any western guest would immediately notice the frowned and concerned faces of our folk; you’ll barely get a smile from someone who’s not familiar with you. As for the wedding, this particular one in fact seems to have been quite merry (to many kissing photos btw Anton and Elena to my taste though), and there are many traditional wedding rituals that one can discern from these pics actually. This one was clearly provincial, I can tell by the setting. A typical Russian wedding would always include lots of stoned guests and relatives, at least on or two fist fights near the end btw some of them, and a very grating lousy host known as “tamada”, another gratuitous and pointless wedding tradition, who’d be instigating all sorts of cliched contests, toasts, cheers and other entertainment instances and getting on everybody’s nerves.
    That was the intro to Russian weddings by Cresmix aka Ksu.
    As for the performer, I must admit that, though not a huge fan, I admire James Blunt. Being aware of his biography and how he managed to derive inspiration and such gentle creative energy from his harsh experience in the military, a minimum one could do is to give some credit to the artist that he is.

  4. I love James Blunt’s sound. It’s too bad that some popular songs get over exposed and then there is a backlash against the performer. People are so fickle and seem to prefer the “flavour of the month”. If I really like something, I always like it and if I start to get tired of something, I’ll just not listen for awhile, but when I return to it I usually like it even more!
    I can’t even think of a group or singer that I used to like that I don’t anymore.
    I’m more likely to NOT like something at first and then grow to like it overtime.

  5. @iz4blue,

    I don’t think it’s vain to know your funeral song! A little morbid maybe but not vain. :D

    @cresmix, Fascinating! I really enjoy the Russian people and their psyche. :D In my country it’s almost an embarrassment to be emotional. We have to relegate it to reality tv since we can be anywhere near it in real life. LOL!

    @phylly3, You sure we’re not the same person? :D I so agree about the flavor of the month. I guess some people really do like music because it’s in vogue. I’ve never been that way and still pretty much like everything I’ve always liked, and I’ve always liked every genre. Why limit ourselves? I was listening to Frank Sinatra as a teen right along with ZZ Top. Still love all that music and everything in between. About the only song that I don’t think I can listen to again because it really was over played and wasn’t that great to begin with is Band on the Run. Oh, I love Paul McCartney’s music but not that song. Or maybe I need to wait another thirty+ years before listening again. LOL!

    kada, I’m game! :D

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