Who Wants Some Candy? The Ethical Question

I don’t have any. Will this do?

Is it possible to be good looking and have some depth and perhaps above average intelligence? Of course it’s a stupid question since we all know the answer. But somehow people who are good looking can be very self-conscious about being considered beyond their looks. Wonder why that is? Could it be that society treats good looks and depth as mutually exclusive? And makes nice looking people feel that way by not taking them seriously? By making them work a little harder to be heard with respect to anything truly thoughtful? While most or all of you answered yes to the question of depth, the truth is that it’s not uncommon for people who are very appealing physically to struggle with being marginalized about their other attributes, and often the result of what they pick up from others around them.

Then there’s the jealousy that comes with looks. Many know that looks can open doors. But anyone nice looking who has any sensitivity is aware there is an envy that is potentially waiting to bite them. If they really are smart and thoughtful, they will walk the chalk line and never broach the subject of physical appeal. They will effect an oblivious demeanor about others’ reactions unless it’s to downplay them. Because if they ever give any indication they’re aware of it, they will be despised by most.

So what brought this post on? There is a hesitancy among some Richard Armitage fans to formally acknowledge that he is a hunk, and I believe it’s because they are fearful of society’s narrow view about looks. Never mind all of the drooling in forums and blogs about RA’s stunning appeal; to actually generate a moniker of Hunkie of the Year is offensive. Give me a break. LOL!! Let’s not embrace the general view that beauty and depth can’t reside in the same person, which only facilitates the belief. How about we embrace both? Now go vote in the Hunkie of the Year Poll. :D

As for RA’S possible reaction:

Dear Richard,

Perhaps you can just ignore us? Or better yet just enjoy this and realize it takes nothing away from you? As a phenomenal performer, you have a way of making us see way beyond your exterior.

If it’s any consolation, you seem to handle all of the attention with grace, but I hope when the looks fade, that you do not look back in regret about being uncomfortable.

One of your crazy fans who can’t wait for the rest of the world to catch onto your abilities, and I’m not talking about your looks.

P.S. You were not my cup of tea at first, but I got past it. LOL!

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com