#12 Todd Garner

It’s 12 days until Thanksgiving in the U.S., and I have so much to be thankful for that I can’t get it into one post. I’m starting today with yep, you guessed it, the first of 12 posts. And please note these are not necessarily in order of importance.

836910702f7c15f7d73fd81128a13291Todd Garner. I think it’s obvious why I’m thankful for Todd Garner. But what some of you don’t know is he loves to laugh. That immediately made me really like him because I love to laugh too — even when it may not be appropriate.

Things falling down around your ears? Life not going the way you had planned — at all? It’s just kicking your ass? Start laughing and things will look better immediately. Yeah, we’ve all heard that, but how many of us practice it?

As my life goes on, I’m practicing more and more, and I get the sense Todd Garner practices regularly too. My memory of talking to him is our conversation began with laughter and there was more as we went. Oh yeah, sure it passed through my mind that he may have been amused at talking to a crazy fan, and well, he was talking to a crazy fan. But it was more than that. He seems happy. Whenever I see his tweets, I always think of him with a grin on his face, and it makes me grin. And that was even before he changed his avatar to a smile.

So where does all that smiling and laughing leave Into the Storm? Will it be a comedy? I don’t think so, but there may be a little bit of snark. Not enough to make it a comedy, but if Jon Swetnam is any indication, it’s hard to think a little snark won’t be present. Some of you may have noticed I do like my snark, so I can handle it. : D

And before anyone begins to think Garner has no traffic with a serious piece, one of the movies where he served as a producer is an excellent serious piece and a favorite of mine — Radio with Ed Harris and Cuba Gooding Jr. For those who haven’t seen it, I encourage you to watch it. And for those in other countries who want to be more conversant in American culture, it’s a real slice of what life can be like here. A definite must see.

Will Into the Storm be like that? Not entirely although tornadoes are a way of life in some parts of America and taken very seriously. If you had to replace your roof regularly and came home after a tornado to see that your house was standing and your next door neighbor’s was not, you would take it seriously. Plus, the damn things are unpredictable. Tornadoes do their own thing. Even weather watchers who study them will tell you they are only predictable to a point and then, all bets are off. Given that, Into the Storm will be a bit of a thrill ride and especially considering one version of it will be in 3D.


For now the ride is the build up to the movie. It’s fun, and I know many of you are getting a kick out of it as well.


Thanks for making the waiting for this movie enjoyable. I’m having a blast.

And I hope you realize the import of myself and others being fangirls. That’s what we do, and now you are in our sights. ;-)

Oh, and a picture would be nice. : D

One of Richard’s crazy fans

P.S. Love the avatar. It’s perfect.

note: this has the fake fan letter tag, but I’m sincere.