Incessant Housekeeping

July 26, 2010

It’s Monday morning where I am, and I can’t think of a better time to do a little housekeeping. Sorry this post isn’t more interesting. I’m actually testing something, so as Elvira might say, “Nothing here to see; move along.” :D

Oh, never mind! I have to relent and post something you might find interesting since you did come over here to look.

A behind the scenes shot in Russia seems perfect for this entry. Unless you own the Spooks 7* DVDs, you may have only seen this in stills. Producer Katie Swinden is narrating/interviewing:

The twinkle in RA’s eyes is evident in that clip. The little boy quality just fairly jumps out and grabs you, uh, me, whomever. And speaking of Katie Swinden ;-), I think she is beautiful. Seriously. My apologies if she hates this picture. I love it! How many people look this good without a stitch of make up? I shudder to think what some celebrities look like. Katie has nothing to be ashamed of – sunburn be damned.

If my read on her is correct, she would probably say, “About right I would be in a post on housekeeping.” But this is no longer merely a housekeeping post since I’m now on a tangent. But I can’t call it a tangent. Too much RA in the post. I’ll have to come up with another category that isn’t quite a tangent. Dang! I just thought I was going to get out of housekeeping.

*In the UK, MI-5 is called Spooks. This is for all of you who did a search on the show MI-5 and are wondering how you wound up here.