Incessant Housekeeping

July 26, 2010

It’s Monday morning where I am, and I can’t think of a better time to do a little housekeeping. Sorry this post isn’t more interesting. I’m actually testing something, so as Elvira might say, “Nothing here to see; move along.” :D

Oh, never mind! I have to relent and post something you might find interesting since you did come over here to look.

A behind the scenes shot in Russia seems perfect for this entry. Unless you own the Spooks 7* DVDs, you may have only seen this in stills. Producer Katie Swinden is narrating/interviewing:

The twinkle in RA’s eyes is evident in that clip. The little boy quality just fairly jumps out and grabs you, uh, me, whomever. And speaking of Katie Swinden ;-), I think she is beautiful. Seriously. My apologies if she hates this picture. I love it! How many people look this good without a stitch of make up? I shudder to think what some celebrities look like. Katie has nothing to be ashamed of – sunburn be damned.

If my read on her is correct, she would probably say, “About right I would be in a post on housekeeping.” But this is no longer merely a housekeeping post since I’m now on a tangent. But I can’t call it a tangent. Too much RA in the post. I’ll have to come up with another category that isn’t quite a tangent. Dang! I just thought I was going to get out of housekeeping.

*In the UK, MI-5 is called Spooks. This is for all of you who did a search on the show MI-5 and are wondering how you wound up here.



  1. Adorable true, and as it turns out not enough of a foody to try new things out??

  2. Perhaps someone can explain why I feel compelled to watch clips of DVDs I already own if they’re posted on blogs and YouTube.

  3. @IZ,

    I hope the Russians aren’t offended. He’s just a joker.


    It’s the shared experience. ;-)

  4. Thanks for posting this. I have not gotten around to watching all the Spooks extras yet but its in my Netflix queue. Have you by chance listened to all the commentaries? I know RA does not do those but just wondering if you thought it was worth listening to?

  5. @Sandra, the commentaries were not that insightful to me. The stories I was hoping they would elaborate on in the commentaries, they didn’t. I just felt that there were a lot of questions that audience members had on different points in the script, and there was nothing that added to that. The behind the scenes stuff though, that’s fun to watch. Just my thoughts!

  6. I agree with TwinklingMoon. I did enjoy the short interviews on either the third or fourth disk — can’t remember. Maybe I’ll post that on YT sometime before Spooks starts this fall.

  7. @TwinklingMoon & RAFrenzy – thanks for the head’s up. I think I’ll pass on the commentaries for now then.

  8. Thanks for posting the vid! I haven’t seen any of the S7 extras yet.. they didn’t come on the Australian DVD release :(

  9. That is a bummer!

  10. @Skully, that really stinks that they didn’t put those extras on the Australian DVD release. I am always puzzled by the logic of not including the same content on the DVDs in the different releases. I understand that for the original airing of the shows in different countries some stuff might be edited out, due to time available or a country’s laws regarding content etc. but why they do that on a DVD makes no sense to me

  11. I see the differential distribution as a means to drive us all crazy. For example, there were deleted scenes in Spooks 7 which I found on youtube in very poor quality. Assumed I’d find them on the DVD when I got it, but no dice!

    I thought the scene you reference above was really funny, too. Actually, one has to assume that given all his references to sausages while in Hungary, there’s actually something really unpleasant about the meat on those sandwiches. I was wondering if heat was playing a role in making them unappetizing.

    I also love the previous scene where he says “Morale is high” in such a deadpan tone. This is my kind of humor.

  12. I don’t own this DVD yet so I have never seen that – fantastic!

  13. @skully Is Australia Region 2 – if so maybe just get the UK DVD?

  14. I had a look at the deleted scenes on YouTube – IIRC they are originally from the BBC Spooks site. Perhaps they are still there. I think they put them online to provide a little more background for Adam.

    What I found interesting about the commentaries was how much they did cut from the Lucas/Elisabeta storyline. I think many of us felt that it didn’t really made sense, that explains why and I think it is a pity to sacrifice the personal storylines that help us to “get” the characters for the sake of the the bomb of the week.

    The commentaries are also nice because everyone is very complimentary about RA and they definetely confirm his claim to do extensive character work and pester the writers with his notes.

  15. Yes, I love Katie Swinden too, no wait I’m jealous really!!!
    Morale had to be high as they were filming in high heat and were overdressed! The other clip of RA & HN doing the tourist thing & buying hats is cute too.
    As far as the Russian food is concerned it might very well have been crappy fast food too and not a delicatessen someone proudly wanted to share.

  16. Katie Swindon must a welcome producer on the set – humourous and relaxed. Love her “bed-head” hairstyles.

    Rafrenzy, if you find a vignette of Hermione and Richard buying Russian hats, do post it; it’s cute!

  17. @Jane, could you share a little of what they said about the Elizabeta/Lucas storyline?

    OML :)

  18. re Lucas/Elisabeta: they didn’t reveal much but that there was originally much more in episode 5. Don’t know if they filmed and cut it or never filmed it at all. They mentioned that Elisabeta was supposed to be married to a banker and that her and Lucas met by chance at a party. I have no idea if we can consider those pieces if information as canon.

    Their interaction never really made sense. Perhaps she didn’t get the file from the FSB but from her husband’s office? And maybe something they did cut would shed light on her remarks like “don’t use me until you can give me everything”.

  19. @Jane, I totally agree with you about writers/editors/producers sacrfacing character development for the “bomb of the week.” Honeslty, I feel like the show is pretty much the same thing every week, another day, another bomb, and not as much revelation regarding the characters. At least that’s how I see it when I compare it to the earlier seasons.

    I think they cut out the good stuff not just about Lucas and Ellizabeta, but also between Lucas and Adam. I think the scence that was cut out between LN and AC had to do with the two of them talking about how they were recruited, and IIRC I saw that on Youtube, not the DVD extras in the US release, but I could be mistaken.

  20. The deleted scenes are definitely from the BBC site, but IP addresses in the U.S. normally can’t play the videos.


    I wholeheartedly agree with the assessment of character development vs bomb of the week. If there is anything about Spooks that’s changed to its detriment, it’s the backing off of more realistic revelations of the characters’ private lives. Spooks 7 was possibly going to get back to that when I was watching, and it made me curious about Spooks 8. But it ended up being a bit absurd. I’ll refrain from a rant about the relationship between LN and SC. Just one thought on it: gimme a break. Oh, I can’t leave it there. I have to say that was just poorly written never mind the accent of the actress which was so annoying to many of us in North America.

  21. I meant that Spooks 8 ended up being a bit absurd.

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