I Keep Waffling on This

But this thing with RA’s interviews and the incessant questioning and teasing about the Army he receives and the thought we’ll have to hear that crap again just won’t leave me alone. I really really don’t want to hear it again, and even though I’m not big on sending him a fan letter myself, I was wondering if maybe I could steal Nat’s idea of a group fan letter. Not exactly like hers. That is unique and special, and I don’t want to duplicate it at all but merely the idea of several people sending a letter together. Really I’m not even thinking of a letter but of something like a petition in the form of military orders where we tell him we don’t want to hear about the Army again! and he’s not allowed to talk about it! LOL!

It could be from the Armitage Army (Rogue Branch), and maybe we can attach our names (real, internet, whatever name you want as long as it’s not vulgar) and have some ranks listed beside them. Maybe you could also list your country and we can make this an international order. Not sure what group I would pattern that after. But there’s only one problem for me. I don’t know what orders look or sound like. Well, now that I think of it I guess it doesn’t have to be anything really authentic looking. See that’s my anal side. Gotta nitpick stuff. I don’t want to nitpick this but rather have a good time with it. If you have any ideas, bring ’em on. Comment or send me an email. You can click on the link on the left sidebar near the bottom labeled “Contact me” if you want to email; otherwise, comment away.

Screencap courtesy of my stash. This one’s for you, Elvira. I know you love that beanie.

See What Happens When I Stay Home from Church

I would have called this a tangent, but those pieces are supposed to be only remotely related to RA. This is firmly about RA and about “his people.”

When I think of “his people,” I don’t think of us –you know, you and me, the fans. When I think of “his people,” I think of the people working for him or advocating for him for money, i.e., agents, publicists, or whatever. He needs to give some instructions to “his people.” They need to put the word out that he will not answer any more questions about the Army. Do I need to explain what Army?

I was reading Servetus’ blog about what he should say about his fans, and it came to me like a lightning bolt. I would say epiphany, but hey, I’m only using that word once in the life of this blog. It’s too important a word to use more than once. Kind of like awesome which I’ve actually used twice on this blog. Shame on me. I won’t even go into my use of exclamation points. But yes, yes, I digress. Heck, this blog is one long digression.

Where was I? Oh, I had a revelation, no, er, a thought about what he could do about these questions on the fan thang. Just don’t entertain them, and that means saying ahead of time, “Could you please ask me all sorts of things but not about the fan thing?” Or “I will not answer questions about the fan thing. Ask me almost anything else, and I’ll cooperate, but I really don’t want to talk about the fan thing.” Now I proposed the first one because that seems to suit RA’s personality more. The second one just doesn’t seem his style at all, but then I really don’t know him. I just fancy sometimes that I do. ;-)

I think one reason he hasn’t done this (and hey, maybe he has and I’m all wet) was given in the latest interviews. He’s afraid this may all go away, so why be an ass and stonewall the press about the fan thing. Maybe that’s not his thinking, but he does seem way too compliant about this issue. Let it go, Richard. Please don’t answer any more questions about it, and if you need any other reason for doing it than it’s a pain, just know that WE ARE SICK OF HEARING IT TOO!

But if you are put on the spot again, I have the perfect comeback, which only you could pull off with that little laugh and grin you do, “Well, I’ve gotten my marching orders from the Army, and they’re sick of hearing about themselves.”

I am thankful at least the questions about the circus have gone away. Thank God.

I really should have gone to church.


Did I just write another fake fan letter? I think I did. Too bad no one who can do anything about the boring questions will read this. But oh, it felt good to say it. :D