Yeah! Music I Love

Sometimes I want to jump up and fly when I have so much in me that I can’t express it. It’s terrible and wonderful, and while I was sitting here reworking my next piece, I just had to post this for now instead. This has been on my playlist for years and has become an anthem for me. I imbue it with all kinds of spiritual meaning of which I’ll spare you the details today. Do with the song what you will, but do something with it! One of my all-time favorite players:

It’s my understanding Lindsey Buckingham learned to play the banjo before the guitar and that explains his unusual picking style. Whatever happened, I can’t get enough of listening to his playing. But I have to confess I prefer the stripped down version of him for the next song as opposed to his over mixed pop version self of the 80s. Proving that older really can be better:

Okay another from Lindsey, and this one cannot really be captured on video. It’s really best live. I’ve had the privilege of hearing it that way a few times and can’t really describe it! If you don’t like it, we need to talk. :D

There’s so much I could post, but there’s no need for any duets or combos. He’s sufficient on his own. However if you want to reference something, go for it.