Yeah! Music I Love

Sometimes I want to jump up and fly when I have so much in me that I can’t express it. It’s terrible and wonderful, and while I was sitting here reworking my next piece, I just had to post this for now instead. This has been on my playlist for years and has become an anthem for me. I imbue it with all kinds of spiritual meaning of which I’ll spare you the details today. Do with the song what you will, but do something with it! One of my all-time favorite players:

It’s my understanding Lindsey Buckingham learned to play the banjo before the guitar and that explains his unusual picking style. Whatever happened, I can’t get enough of listening to his playing. But I have to confess I prefer the stripped down version of him for the next song as opposed to his over mixed pop version self of the 80s. Proving that older really can be better:

Okay another from Lindsey, and this one cannot really be captured on video. It’s really best live. I’ve had the privilege of hearing it that way a few times and can’t really describe it! If you don’t like it, we need to talk. :D

There’s so much I could post, but there’s no need for any duets or combos. He’s sufficient on his own. However if you want to reference something, go for it.


  1. I was just listening to Big Love. Preparing for the 80s party I’m supposed to throw. Yikes!

  2. Whoa, this guy can pick that there guitar! New to me and thanks! Something else to listen to.

  3. I love Lindsey solo and also with Fleetwood Mac, a favorite of my teen years. A great talent!

  4. Kada, Just make sure you use a later version of it. Like the one from The Dance. The early version is not nearly as good.


    I also loved Fleetwood Mac as a teen but not Lindsey solo so much. He had too much of a bubble gum sound when he was solo. I much prefer him from the late 90s on. Good stuff!

    NB, Good! I hoped you would like it. :D

  5. Just so you know, I realize you weren’t referring to Lindsey of the 80s. Just clarifying my position. I’m digging Lindsey muchly now. :D

  6. No problem. Yeah, kind of like I didn’t dig Jefferson Airplane so much after they became Jefferson Starship of the We Built this City era . . . or Heart from the 80s like I loved Heart from the 70s . . . I loved him with Fleetwood Mac and as you say, the later stuff.

    We’ve had some awful weather and it’s not over. Another storm in approaching. We are OK here but part of our county had trees uprooted, barns destroyed and homes damaged. Keep us in your prayers.

  7. Definitely with you on Heart and Jefferson whatever. :D

    II didn’t realize the weather was that bad. I knew some winds had kicked up but nothing like that. I’ve been out of pocket all day and haven’t kept up. I’ll definitely pray.

  8. I loved the Dreamboat Annie LP.. We haven’t had regular TV broadcasts on our local channels for the past four hours, it’s all been weather updates. Benny is trying to sleep but I am watching Doppler radar with the sound muted.There is a fierce looking storm tracking right for our area. I can’t rest in this kind of weather anyway, my FMS goes haywire. The lightning is getting closer so I better sign off. Something tells me this may be a long night.

  9. I don’t have those kinds of storms anymore, but I grew up with plenty of them, so I sympathize. Take care!

  10. LOL! Now Jefferson Airplance I know!! Imagine my surprise when I found out that their “White Rabbit” was drug themed. I wasn’t a very “worldly” 17 yr old. Just liked the sound and beat. Fleetwood Mac entered the scene during preggers years. About the only music I heard at that point was Winnie the Pooh and This Little Light of Mine.

    No storms here just 60-70 mile winds. The upper half of the Northern Hemisphere blew by today..along with some gigantic tumbleweeds and a couple of cows. Just kidding. Not cows, just cats. No loss there. ;)

  11. Son is going to have quite an adjustment to Kansas. He thought the light breeze he experienced there was wind. It’s been pretty quiet here, but yesterday was horrible. We actually had horizontal snow, and it was whiteout conditions part of the day. Today was much better but cold.

  12. Well, sorry to report it is 2:30 a.m. I am wide-awake and achy-achy; happy to report the storms finally moved through and it’s quiet and peaceful now in LA.
    @Frenz, I lived in Rapid City, SD for three years when Benny was in the AF and I can’t remember when the wind WASN”T blowing. I believe L Frank Baum originally intended to set The Wizard of Oz in SD before settling on Kansas.

    Once Benny was on the base in the big parking lot near his office and it was both raining and windy. A tiny little female airman was attempting to cross the parking lot while holding up an umbrella. A gust caught it just right and took her off her feet and rolling across the asphalt. She was on the far side of the lot from Benny and he was too far away to help the poor little thing! (See, that’s why you should carry some extra weight. As ballast.)

    We used to get the worst hailstorms up there. I had never seen baseball-sized hail before, heavy enough to kill animals and smash out windows, but I saw in SD.

    We had a terrible blizzard in the spring the last year we were there. We were stuck in our house for three days without power, dressed up like Nanook of the North to keep from freezing. The utility workers couldn’t see to work due to hurricane force winds causing a white-out. Sometimes the nastiest winter weather actually happens in the spring.

    We don’t have to worry about blizzards down here, but the thunderstorms and the tornadoes they can spawn can certainly be worrying. I have been in the middle of a tornado, too, and ta, thanks very much, but I will pass on a repeat experience!


    I was one of those book-smart, precocious but sheltered kids. The drug references in a lot of songs went totally over my head!LOL I had no idea the “doobie” in “Doobie Brothers” stood for a marijauna joint!

  13. It used to be a joke that WE sent our Arctic weather south. Now, WE get the Southern U.S./mid-west storm activity here. Serves us right. :)

    Terrific window-shaking 2:30-5:30 AM t-storm last week. Cats not happy campers. Windows didn’t shatter.The big old dog used to shelter in the bathtub – total wimp in storms. Tornados far from unknown in this province. The destruction of lives resulting from current weather in the U.S. is in my thoughts, and has my best wishes for all caught in, and threatened by the climate. Stay, safe, Angie, B and menagerie, and everyone.

    Fleetwood fan here. Something of classical training and discipline. I don’t need to refer to the Richard Armitage acting, do I? Skill, training, discipline, intuition and artistry…

  14. Sad but true…our first winter here on the Plains, after living the first 28 years of my lie in central TX, was the worst on record in HISTORY! Accck! We had snow after snow from Oct. to April. We had to dig a tunnel from our house to the pickup. Then my father in law led us in the front loader so he could clear the road as we followed. Problem was, as soon as you cleared a road, it blew shut…sometimes in 5 mins. My first white outs, first blizzard…oh and first SLEDDING!!! Now THAT was FUN!! Needless to say, I got down on my knees and kissed those first green blades of grass that dared to pop up that spring!! Just got word from our old stomping grounds that our West Texas homefront is on fire. If you’re so inclined, you might remember Robert Lee, TX in your prayers today.

    Back to music…I might mention (in the vein of Oldie but Goodies) The Carpenters. One sultry summer night about 41 years ago, I was lying in bed with the windows open and listening to my radio (the kind w/no earphones and plugged into an outlet, wood case about 10″x6″x7″ (our era’s answer to a MP3 player?) and I still have it!). Anyway, I could hear the baseball game nearby our grade school and the evaporative cooler was roaring away. A mosquito buzzed me as Riney Jordan, our local radio DJ, announced a new song called “Close to You”, I fell in love that night with Karen’s low low voice and wished I could sing like her. Being a high sop, never gonna happen. Still one of my all time fav songs!

  15. I had never heard LB solo before. I admit I do admire his musical talent. Always liked Fleetwood Mac but mainly for the femaile voices. I am all about the vocals and lyrics as I don’t have any real musical “training”.
    I do love Heart, pretty much anything Ann Wilson sings is fine with me.
    It takes awhile for a new song to grow on me. I remember I absolutely hated “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” when I first heard it (and I was/am a huge Elton John fan. But it gradually grew on me until now it is definitely one of my favourites of his songs.
    It is snowing here again!! Nice to stay inside and listen to music!
    @NovemberBride — I love to sing Karen Carpenter!! :)

  16. @Phylly…LOL, thing is, I was asked to sing “We’ve Only Just Begun” at so many weddings, I really got sick of that particular song! It’s a nice song but enough is enough. Thank goodness, “The Prayer” and others caught on. Summer of 70 was particular fitting for Close to You as future hubs was in KS and I was in TX for the summer. Ain’t love grand?! Maybe we could do a cyber duet of Close to You since we sure ain’t close at all!!! LOL!

    So, the sun’s out now. Frenz tell son that KS is a lot like TX…hang on till tomorrow cause it will probably be a whole new season…for at least a day!

    OK, discovered this guy several years ago on the Dish Net’s Hawaiian music channel…Darin Leong, specifically his album “When Home is Far Away” and the song “Meditation”…I literally stopped dead in my tracks when I heard this!! Check him out at Amazon. Can’t find him singing this song at youtube yet. Will keep looking.

    Seriously, Angie…the good Lord was watching out for me! =0)

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