Spooks, The Movie

According to Peter Firth, a movie version of Spooks is in the works. As much as I’ve ranted about my frustration with Spooks Series 9, I’m totally up for a film version of the series and of course one that includes the erstwhile Lucas North.


Richard Armitage is so cagey, it wouldn’t surprise me if he already knew about this. He talked about it so enthusiastically in the past, I’ve always wondered myself.

Irresistible Instant Play or Netflix, I Love You

Something is changing with respect to the popularity of Richard Armitage in America (North America to be specific), and yet ‘The Hobbit’ is still almost two years away! I’ve been encountering more and more people who know RA’s name and have seen him in more than one role. Wow. What a change from three years ago! Or even one year ago. But I don’t think it’s due to his being cast in ‘The Hobbit’. At this point ‘The Hobbit’ is only on the radar of those in the movie industry, the LOTR fans, maybe a couple of other fan clubs and us. Everyone else won’t give a rat’s ass about it until we’re a few months or perhaps a few weeks or days from the premiere.

This recent awareness of Richard Armitage mostly comes down to Netflix. They are the only entity who provides us with a steady diet of RA. When I first started watching RA three plus years ago, there was almost nothing available in this country. The only thing I found was ‘North and South’ on Netflix and some documentary about that other guy. Now there are numerous things to watch, and many of them are ‘Instant Play’, and that’s the key.

Numerous friends scattered around the country who regularly watch ‘Instant Play’ have been discovering this “new” actor and just can’t tell me enough about him. Never mind that a couple of those people are the same ones I’ve told about ‘North and South’, ‘Spooks’, ‘Robin Hood’, etc. LOL! Hey, I don’t care how they discovered him; I’m just glad they did. Even my best friend, who at one point would roll her eyes when RA’s name came up, finally watched ‘North and South’ via ‘Instant Play’. Yea, Tammi!!! Of course she loves it and him. I knew she would! And she could have loved him sooner if she had just watched the DVDs I loaned her almost three years ago.

But I guess there really is something seductive about Netflix saying, “Tammi, rate what you’ve seen to reveal suggestions just for youwhile your ass is firmly planted on the couch, and you can merely push a couple of buttons as opposed to getting up and taking the discs out of the case and putting them in the DVD player. LOL! Oh, Netflix has the power! What was I thinking to encourage the viewing of some DVDs loaned from my special collection? I mean here I am Tammi’s best friend, and we love each others’ tastes, but those precious discs just sat on the shelf! In comes Netflix with its heady offering of ‘North and South’ on ‘Instant Play’, and what I could not do for almost three years, they managed in a moment.

Tammi’s conversion occurred last summer, but this phenomenon of Netflix and RA didn’t become evident until last fall. I was going to highlight this sooner but thought it would be boring to you. Yesterday changed that. I was surfing around and found this blogger. It would be interesting to know how long she’s been a fan, and obviously, Netflix is part of her RA love. Maybe sometime she will share how exactly she became a fan, since I’m not quite sure if Netflix did it or just inflamed her some more. However it happened, I never get tired of those stories! Always makes me feel more sane, and dammit, I am sane! :D

In the meantime, as much as I appreciate Netflix being the bearers of so much loveliness, I have a request of them:

To Whom It May Concern at the big host in the sky,

Thank you so much for introducing so many people to Richard Armitage! I can’t tell you how grateful I am. It’s helped my best friend join this wonderful madness with me.

But do you think we could enjoy his loveliness when we do a query on his name? If you would be so kind to give him an avatar, I’m not sure how I would show my appreciation. Maybe send out a few thousand of those trial memberships to my friends.

And if I may suggest, this might be a good picture if you’re not sure which one would be appropriate:

Of course I have no clue about the legalities of using it, but it is the one featured on his IMDb page, so I think it’s okay. But I’ll leave those details to you.

Thank you for any consideration.

One of Richard’s fans and great Netflix lover :D

P.S. How can we get Strike Back on the list?

Oh, and I would give credit to BBC America and PBS for the rise of RA’s star, but BBCA is sporadic in their love of RA, and PBS hasn’t shown much at all with him? Actually, I remember nothing although I have heard rumors that some regional stations have shown ‘North and South.’ Amazing that the network known for embracing period dramas has been almost a non-player of that mini-series, and it’s been necessary to mount a campaign to bring ‘North and South’ to PBS. Yeah, can you believe that? And I’m not even going to mention A&E beyond this sentence.

Note: FanstRAvaganza will return tomorrow; still waiting on something for now.

edit: Okay, okay, yes, YouTube has been instrumental, but it’s hit or miss there and the programs are usually not complete. For that you need Netflix.

Here We Go — Spooks (MI-5) Returns Early

For those who are new to Spooks (MI-5) in America or if you have been living under a rock somewhere in the UK, the BBC has finally told us it is going to air in September (sometime the week of the 18th) as opposed to October or November as it has the last two years. I can barely wait. Not because Lucas North is my favorite character. He’s not, but I just love watching RA in action, and I usually love to read/hear his interviews.

The latest one on the BBC site is very interesting as it seems to say something by what it doesn’t say. When RA has been interviewed about an upcoming series, he oftentimes gives something away in how he talks about his character. This particular interview makes me think Lucas survives. There is absolutely no language implying he will be no more. If anything, there is language to the effect that he will survive as head of section D. The talk of him being under the microscope is mere plot summary. What’s interesting is when he speaks of Lucas’ bittersweet receipt of the job and of having to acquire Beth. There is everything in this language to suggest it will be difficult but nothing to suggest he will not succeed. Then there is the telling comment about Lucas’ past and new revelations taking him to the “very edge” but nothing in those comments to suggest he might go over it.

I have a confession. I’ve found myself wanting RA not to be quite so talkative about the characters and plots in these interviews and sometimes find myself wanting to say, “Richard, shut up. I love you, but shut up.” And of course I can’t help but think of him having talked in past interviews about spoilers being the bane of his existence, so then I want to ask: what are you doing? I realize these interviews are done in advance of the series wrapping, and with a show like Spooks, the actors can give something away without realizing it, so I’m not really down on RA.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Maybe I should read the Spooks Forum to find out what others think; however, for a while now I haven’t been inclined to read such places for fear the exposure will have a chance of making my voice stale. That is nothing against the forum. It is me. I’m weak and need to stay away so I can form my own conclusions, put my own spin on things. But sometimes I need a little confirmation of what I’m thinking. Hence this post. And certainly it’s fine to disagree with me.

Honestly, I hope that once again RA’s character has a fantastic death or end where we are still talking about it years later ala Tom Quinn. So I would love to be wrong in what I’m thinking about his survival. Unfortunately, I’m almost never surprised by endings and don’t need any help understanding what’s coming. I hate that about myself, and I probably am being a little harsh on RA in resignation that once again the end will be a foregone conclusion. But oh, how great if Richard really has thrown us a red herring.

For the regular readers of this blog:

I’m struggling with my diary entry on BTS. That entry is very personal, and no, it’s not what you may be thinking. I write about my family a lot in my journal entries, but it’s one thing for me to write about them and obviously another to publish. I want to leave in enough that it has some energy but don’t want to compromise anyone, and again, it’s not what you may be thinking. Hope you understand and will bear with me, and I hope the wait is worth it.

Screencap courtesy of the BBC website. That’s not exactly a capture, but it does appear to be RA in character for Lucas.

Is That Thing On? Spoilers

If you have never watched Spooks and know absolutely nothing about it, there are spoilers ahead.

The Spooks Fan Blog has a guest blogger today. Will from the Spooks Forum is giving his take on how Spooks should end. What? It’s going to end? The next season isn’t the series finale is it?! No! Okay, I realize Will didn’t say that, but someone is going to get that impression, so you need to get ready for that on the Spooks Fan Blog. Most people only half read anyway. Shame since we’re all so eloquent, and seriously, I do think Will is eloquent about his view of realism. No fantasy for him. Apparently he embraces realism with a vengeance, and in his reality, the hero dies. Yeah, Will’s real name is Goodtime Charlie ;-) No wonder he likes Spooks since in Spooksland the hero dies. Oh, you didn’t know that? That’s why I put ‘Spoilers’ in the title of this post.

For all of you in the U.S. who are reading this and don’t know anything about this show but disregarded my spoiler message anyway and are assigning a negative connotation to the word ‘Spooks,’ just know that it’s slang for spy, and also, the show is called MI-5 in the states for the very reason Spooks would probably be misconstrued as something else. (I may have topped my record for a lengthy sentence). That’s hopefully as close as I ever come to social commentary or politics on this blog.

Where was I? To my knowledge the show has been aired on both BBCA and PBS, but I think BBCA has now dropped it. That’s okay since most of us don’t get BBCA but almost all of us in the U.S. get PBS. Oh, and you DO NOT have to start at the beginning of the series to enjoy it, but I highly recommend it. Matthew MacFadyen is the star of the first couple of seasons, and he is wonderful. Now I’m assuming if you’re new to this show and you’re reading my blog, it’s because you’re looking for something about Matthew MacFadyen or Richard Armitage. Both are great in this show, but I especially love Richard. Hey, what else did you expect me to say since this whole blog is dedicated to the guy? Well, it’s dedicated to him and to my need to wax on and on about a lot of crap that really doesn’t matter. Oh, some of it matters but a lot of it doesn’t.

I’m done, so go check out Will’s piece, and here are a few pictures to send you on your way. Will would be proud — except the hero overcomes in this scene.

Screencaps courtesy of RichardArmitageCentral.co.uk