Welcome to America, Richard

He looks like Ringo Starr in this one:

Isn’t this red carpet how people from other places picture America?

And yet ironically, is the rest of America like this?

I hope somewhere along RA’s travels in my country that he actually gets to have some meaningful conversations with people outside of Hollywood.

Dear Richard,

Please don’t judge the rest of us by the plastic you encounter in Hollywood. Although I do know you met two real people on the red carpet. They’re wonderful, and the tall one might be single.

But psst, I think you’re a New York kind of guy, so I hope you get to go there or revisit there. If you do go, I know a great little Italian restaurant in the Village, which you would love. :D


One of your fans who has her heart in New York and Flyover country

Okay, so New York isn’t like the rest of the country either. LOL!

Love the song but disagree with Billy about the Rockies. He just doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It gets in your blood like New York.

One more photo, and I love the subliminal flag in it. He looks like something hit him in this one:

Photos courtesy of Cesta. Gallery of her photos and others can be found on RichardArmitageNet.Com. Be sure to check them out. These above are far from the best shots of the bunch.