Welcome to America, Richard

He looks like Ringo Starr in this one:

Isn’t this red carpet how people from other places picture America?

And yet ironically, is the rest of America like this?

I hope somewhere along RA’s travels in my country that he actually gets to have some meaningful conversations with people outside of Hollywood.

Dear Richard,

Please don’t judge the rest of us by the plastic you encounter in Hollywood. Although I do know you met two real people on the red carpet. They’re wonderful, and the tall one might be single.

But psst, I think you’re a New York kind of guy, so I hope you get to go there or revisit there. If you do go, I know a great little Italian restaurant in the Village, which you would love. :D


One of your fans who has her heart in New York and Flyover country

Okay, so New York isn’t like the rest of the country either. LOL!

Love the song but disagree with Billy about the Rockies. He just doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It gets in your blood like New York.

One more photo, and I love the subliminal flag in it. He looks like something hit him in this one:

Photos courtesy of Cesta. Gallery of her photos and others can be found on RichardArmitageNet.Com. Be sure to check them out. These above are far from the best shots of the bunch.


  1. Sigh.
    How can we get him to the East Coast?

  2. Phew, I don’t know, but is he an East Coast guy or what? :D

    Maybe a great play?

  3. We’ll have to come up with something. The Westies can’t have him all to themselves…

  4. Have to think about this. :D I would also love it if he came skiing in the Rockies!

  5. ShakespeaREtold in the Park!

  6. LOL! And we can stand in the Belvedere with a high powered camera for behind the scenes shots. :D

  7. I love the way you think, Ladies!

  8. Really don’t like these photos; legs foreshortened;loathe the tie; shades obscure eyes. Might even turn me off beards – NOoo- lifelong lover of beards. Right, drown me, but these are the only photos I’ve seen of RA which I really disliked. (I must be in a heat-wave-induced BAD mood; at least I don’t have to suffer in a suit and horrible tie :D)

    PS LA no more defines the States, than does London England, Paris France, or Toronto Canada.

  9. I should have said that these are far, far from the best photos. I’m using them to make a point.

  10. Above pictures are not near the good quallty of Heathra´s and these ones, sorry to say! BTW He rocks the beard and the tie. A usual Tom Ford suit is always a close fit, narrow to the body and with small shoulders. http://t.co/jHKcAmb

  11. I question whether he should wear a suit with small shoulders, but I had the same reaction, Frenz — if anything bizarre happens to you in LA this time, please remember there’s the rest of the U.S. Of course, I’m a fellow native and devotée of flyover country.

  12. @violet, Didn’t have Heather’s when these were posted, but the point is not that these are good photos. But in fairness to Cesta, she does have some good ones! And I very much appreciate her sharing.

    @servetus, Yep, flyover country is near and dear to me, and some of the most intelligent,interesting and funny people come from there. :)

    Supposedly, Heather just met RA walking down the street after the movie premiere. There’s a story. LOL!

  13. Yep, we are a much more diverse, interesting (and please God, intelligent!) group than that one idiot woman from AP might lead you to believe, Richard. Keep the faith.
    And the American fans who got to meet you were truly thrilled and delighted for the opportunity while the rest of us were pretty darned thrilled to know you were here in the US of A.

    As I mentioned at Bccmee’s blog, I totally agree with you on the fact the camera can lie and a lot of the photos we have seen just don’t do the man justice. There are some floating around that were taken where he looks like “our” Red Carpet Richard–with a beard, of course. And a questionable tie. :D

  14. Dear Frenz,

    Whew! That CA premiere was exciting. Walking the red carpet was still weird. Really hope I didn’t bollocks it up. You yanks really must be into the Olympics! Who knew? I did manage not to sweat too badly in the Tom Ford suit since it had to go back to the shop. I’ll have you know I managed *not* to spill my popcorn and look away when I was on screen. Getting much better with that! Didn’t see a goodies bag to snag, so mum will be disappointed.

    But I met my first fans in the States, two ladies from LA and they knew how to pronounce my name! Just when I thought nobody knew me here, my PR man was relieved. It turns out one of them created the Havoc t-shirt. We had a lovely chat. Then I popped into a few after parties and had a bit too much bubbly. Awoke in a thong and a sombrero. Yanks do know how to party. It was “awesome.”


  15. Do I really need to say that last comment was fake? :D

  16. Dear RA,

    May I call you that?

    Thank you for the lovely note and even more for the lovely image in my head. Just imagining you in a sombrero. ;-)

    One of your crazy fans whose imagination is way too active

  17. Frenz, liar! You were imagining the thong. :D

  18. Is that you talking or RA?

  19. Definitely me. I imagine RA too much the gentleman to point that out. :)

  20. How could you think that of me, Judi. I never have untoward thoughts. :D

  21. I love this pic from Cesta:


    I also love Heather’s pic of RA “looking at me.” :D


    You can click on these to enlarge.

  22. Cesta always comes through with wonderful pics – we would be a lot poorer without her. As for Heather and her pics – I am just so thrilled for her. I wonder if Richard will ever know how her videos are loved by so many of his fans. I believe he told her he still has the Havoc tour T-shirt – fantastic! Many thoughts on all this, still processing.

  23. What I love is her encounter after the red carpet and premiere. He’s just walking down the street! Love, love, love this.

    And yes, Cesta has been great. Really appreciate her sharing so many great pics with us — not just these.

  24. Can any of you tell I am so not on my game? I am so slammed right now, and I just read my last comment, and it really isn’t clear. I meant that I appreciate Cesta sharing many more pics than just these. Phew. If I could go back to bed, I would LOL!

  25. Judiang and Frenz, just knocked the laptop over onto the 20Ib cat, laughing too much. (Ithink the cat is all right, though she wasn’t laughing)

    And that second to last pic, Cesta, is beautiful. Auburn hair and the eyes! Thanks!

    The first – Ringo indeed! :D (Or Thorin the Dwarf).

  26. LOL!! i was thinking who does he look like here, you are absolutely right, looks like Ringo Starr, he should get rid of those awful sunglasses pronto, infact i will write to about it :D He should go back to the Porter sunglasses.

  27. How about a broadway show! that would be perfect for him and and boy! can he sing. I will move to NY for the entire period of the show if he does that :)

  28. The Ringo shades are definitely way too retro.

  29. Love the pics and comments. Been a while since Richard has been out and about and he still looks hot. Looking more older or distinguished but still hot.

  30. @Judiang and @Frenz ROTFL! you guys are so funny :)

  31. @violet, Yep, older=better. :D

    @pv, funny?! I’m serious. I’m diggin’ that sombrero.

  32. And be sure to click on those two pics in the comments. They get really big!

  33. @Frenz, you’re shameless!
    @pv, don’t believe a word Frenz says! :D

  34. sorry Frenz, its your blog and all, but i am with Judiang, i dont believe you one bit!!

  35. ok, clicked on those pics to make them bigger, saved ! …and got a beardy smooch from him!

  36. wait i didnt say that… some virus in my computer, it crashed last night too …

  37. He looks good in a beard. He could play someone on a ranch or historical character. Maybe somebody during the Civil War or something like that..

  38. […] edit: Richard eventually did make it to America. […]

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