Something Political

It’s never been my intent to get political on this blog, but I have to say something about politics. I feel myself on the verge of exploding if I don’t. So, here it is. There actually does come a time when I do not want to give my opinion. Hard to believe but it’s true. Or let me put it this way. Do you know what misery it is to live in a swing state? Pollsters drive you crazy! My phone’s ringer has to be turned off during the election season; otherwise, we would hear it going about every 15-20 minutes from early in the morning until late at night, and it happened again a few minutes ago when we were fool enough to turn on the ringer this evening. Sheesh! It was almost 10pm here. Give it a rest, people!

And if it’s not a pollster calling, it’s the candidate or their spouses with a nice canned message. Did I ever say I liked computers? These particular computers can go to hell.

Then there’s our front door, which is assaulted with all manner of door hangers, and I should probably be more kind about those since they’re much better than the strangers who ring our bell.

How much longer until November 6th?

Certainly enough time to watch North and South again.

Oh yeah, put a clipboard in his hand! I’d answer the door to that pollster. :D