Something Political

It’s never been my intent to get political on this blog, but I have to say something about politics. I feel myself on the verge of exploding if I don’t. So, here it is. There actually does come a time when I do not want to give my opinion. Hard to believe but it’s true. Or let me put it this way. Do you know what misery it is to live in a swing state? Pollsters drive you crazy! My phone’s ringer has to be turned off during the election season; otherwise, we would hear it going about every 15-20 minutes from early in the morning until late at night, and it happened again a few minutes ago when we were fool enough to turn on the ringer this evening. Sheesh! It was almost 10pm here. Give it a rest, people!

And if it’s not a pollster calling, it’s the candidate or their spouses with a nice canned message. Did I ever say I liked computers? These particular computers can go to hell.

Then there’s our front door, which is assaulted with all manner of door hangers, and I should probably be more kind about those since they’re much better than the strangers who ring our bell.

How much longer until November 6th?

Certainly enough time to watch North and South again.

Oh yeah, put a clipboard in his hand! I’d answer the door to that pollster. :D


  1. So agree! I too live in a swing state and I’ve certainly had enough! Though if a certain somebody was doing the canvasing I’d certainly be answering the door:)

  2. This is my fourth presidential election to live in a swing state. I’m tired. But not too tired for some North and South. :D

  3. North and South cures all ills. (Well, okay, chocolate doesn’t hurt, either.)

    And remember….Thorin Oakenshield is coming…..

  4. I’ve been watching a lot of Turner Classic Movies to escape. I don’t live in a swing state but I am still thoroughly tired of it all. I couldn’t tell you how many times caller ID has indicated an incoming call from Washington, DC. Right now, Mr. Thornton is the only pollster I want to see. Even John Mulligan would be fine if he brought that grin and some fish and chips. ;)

  5. THANK YOU for doing this post! ROFL!

    You know what, they tried to recruit me to drive up to OHIO and go door to door canvassing — and to what end??? When DOES this end??? Everyone has made up their minds, and everyone is so mad at each other.

    When this election is done, no matter who wins, I’m going to sit down with this giant giant giant plate of brownies and a giant giant giant jar of hot fudge and a giant giant giant bottle of champagne and invite everyone over to my house, and let’s just blast Maroon 5 and dance on the table and forget all of this happened.

    Thank goodness we can laugh about this stuff at a blog like this and give attention to more important things, like … WHEN ARE WE GOING TO PASS A LAW TO REQUIRE MEN TO WEAR TOP HATS AGAIN?

    I’m just sayin.

  6. @RAfrenzy and Eagle-Eyed Editor, not quite sure how I’d feel about Thorin hammering at my door in support of a govt. party. Thornton would be a better rep. or candidate. At least Thorin and I would be eye-level. But I suspect he outweighs me…

    Mr. Armitage/Thornton etc., we might (maybe) consider you for Prime Minister – nothing says you have to be born here to run. But you would have to apply for citizenship first. Hmnn, you say you are an ACTOR? Are you financially self-supporting? What do you offer to our multi-culti country. etc. etc. :D

  7. Thank goodness for caller ID!

  8. Yeah, but you still have to look at it! LOL!

  9. Thank god for handheld phones!! LOL

  10. LOL!

  11. Guess what we could do the weekend before voting day? You gave me a brilliant idea! I checked the calendar and no watches planned :) do another N&S watch?

  12. The joys of living in a swing state the calls sometimes I can tell and sometimes not. Since sometimes it comes up as a blocked call we kind of have to take it since my husband work is a blocked number and one of his bosses has a blocked number. Then if you choose not to answer the call it most likely will go to our voice mail, now check the messages to remove it. Then there all the mailers we get (3 just today) to toss out. Lucky for us we live in a small town so no door to door. My friend from England told me in February that she was sick of our election, I told her what about us.

  13. Eagle Eye, I can’t really process Thorin yet much as i want to. :D

  14. Angie, Yeah, I don’t think it would matter which character showed up at the door. LOL!

    Fitz, don’t even get me started on the “natural born citizen” issue. :D

    Katie, I feel your pain! :D

  15. I am hoping to hear from RAFrenzy soon. I really miss her updates.
    I had to relay this story to RA fans and this blog appears to be a friendly and humorous one. To give you have a better idea of who I am the one who got so excited when I saw all three of the Gaskell BBC productions at Costco for $21.00 in Memphis, TN. (I still think they thought they were buying the OTHER North and South program) but RA’s picture is right on the cover. I was so excited!!!
    Anyway, my family and I were watching “The Bible” TV series on History channel on Sunday night and we are watching the Moses part and my SO says to me, “Isn’t that the guy with the purple face in that movie you like so much, the one who drowned in the creek?”
    “What movie?”
    “The one with Mr. “Effin” Darcy (please note: he never says “effin”, he always goes full strength and calls ALL my British heroes in ALL my favorite British films “Mr. “Effin” Darcy “, every one of them)
    I stared at him impatiently.
    “You know, that movie, the one with the cotton flying all around”? The one you watch all the time?
    I say, no way – that is not him, that is not Boucher. So of course I have my laptop and Google the cast and I’ll be darned, he is right – it is William Houston who played Boucher! He has aged almost 10 years, but so has everyone else in North and South, but it is him.
    I just thought it was really funny and amazing he could identify a character from North and South. I think I married the right guy! It is the little things in life that make me happy! You probably think I am nuts but I am a cheerful nuts!

  16. I do not think you’re nuts ’cause if you’re nuts then I am too. Wait. I am nuts. But who knew it would be this much fun. :D

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