Okay, I’m Done

No, there is no Richard Armitage in this piece either.

I was in the middle of writing my next post about the Royal Wedding when I realized I had a new follower on Twitter: @wisebirdswords (aka Marcy Jay). So I went over to check her profile and realized she has a blog. The first piece I read is below, and after I read it, it was clear I had no need to write anything myself. This says it all:

The inescapable truths of the Royal Wedding:

Many of us are in a happy state of post-wedding euphoria here in the UK. Even the ‘republicans’ and ‘not interested’ became swept up in the tide of good will and sheer joy surrounding the happy couple.

Today the newspapers are full of interesting and amusing commentary about every aspect of the biggest event in the UK for decades and in my home town of Amersham in Buckinghamshire we are no different. Amersham is a lovely small town nestling at the foot of the Chiltern Hills, a stone’s throw from where the Vicar of Dibley was filmed and proud home of the 16th Century coaching inn where Four Weddings and a Funeral was filmed. ‘Grass roots England’ which today provided a good snapshot of the happiest of post mortems. Of course, everyone agreed that Kate was as serene, beautiful and Royal and William as adoring, dashing and ‘surprisingly nervous and normal’ as we could have possibly wished.

Here are the other matters of great importance that have occupied us:

Read the rest here.

Marcy (can I call you that?),

Love the blog; hope to read more. Just got done with the piece about men’s listening abilities. Fascinating, and perhaps the men who read this blog will read it. No need to ask the women; I know they’ll read it. LOL!

Take care and thanks for following me. I’ll definitely be responding in kind.

Frenz (and I would tell you my real name, but then I would have to kill you. :D)

P.S. Love your Twitter name; it fits!

Pippa the Great?

Did Pippa Middleton steal the show? I think she did. Yesterday, the would be queen’s sister got most of the attention at the Royal Wedding, and I think it was somewhat deserved. She was as spectacular as her sister and all her own. You would have to be dead not to have noticed her. Well, if you’ve got it flaunt it, and she did, but I don’t think she was trying to upstage her sister.

She was placed in a position that potentially could draw notice if you’re in a stunning gown with a great figure, great skin and have excellent carriage, and women who look at you want to be you, and I’m afraid to say what I think the men were thinking, and of course she appeared to be good with children:

But all of that wasn’t what sold me on Pippa. It was the smile:

I knew immediately she had a sense of humor. Perhaps she is a total ass (no pun intended) in person, but my gut says a resounding no! Whatever the case, that infectious smile makes me say, “I would love to meet her!”

And now a picture for the men who read this blog, which I figure is deserved after all of the fangirling of Richard Armitage that you’ve witnessed:

Of course I’m drawn to her hair in this picture. Lovely.