Pippa the Great?

Did Pippa Middleton steal the show? I think she did. Yesterday, the would be queen’s sister got most of the attention at the Royal Wedding, and I think it was somewhat deserved. She was as spectacular as her sister and all her own. You would have to be dead not to have noticed her. Well, if you’ve got it flaunt it, and she did, but I don’t think she was trying to upstage her sister.

She was placed in a position that potentially could draw notice if you’re in a stunning gown with a great figure, great skin and have excellent carriage, and women who look at you want to be you, and I’m afraid to say what I think the men were thinking, and of course she appeared to be good with children:

But all of that wasn’t what sold me on Pippa. It was the smile:

I knew immediately she had a sense of humor. Perhaps she is a total ass (no pun intended) in person, but my gut says a resounding no! Whatever the case, that infectious smile makes me say, “I would love to meet her!”

And now a picture for the men who read this blog, which I figure is deserved after all of the fangirling of Richard Armitage that you’ve witnessed:

Of course I’m drawn to her hair in this picture. Lovely.


  1. And why shouldn’t Little Sister have a piece of the day?? :D (Speaking as a Big Sister).
    A very good-looking family.

  2. Are there any men who read this blog? lol

  3. Yes, and so far they’re all heterosexual or so they tell me. The first reaction to this post was from a man — he likes Kate better. LOL!

  4. Hope that doesn’t inhibit anyone to know some men read this blog. I figure if I can read this:


    It’s certainly feasible they can read something like my blog. :D

  5. The whole Middleton family completely outstaged the royals and nobles on that day.

  6. It’s striking to me how a family that’s often been characterized as “middle class” manages to be so much more poised and conscious of their responsibilities than many of the aristocrats who look down on them.

  7. Indeed servetus; in some cases. Just look at the dress/hats and demeanour of a couple of young royals. Especially the hats…egad.

  8. In my opinion, Kate and Wills outshone everyone. It was their day, their affection was so obvious with whispered comments, winks and hand-holding. Pippa was what she was, a Maid of Honour who did what she was supposed to do with beauty, grace, subtlety and total lack of an ego screaming ‘look at me’. I felt everyone on both sides, both royal and not, comported themselves as befitted a Royal Wedding.
    As to the Royal hats… they were as bad as commoners’ hats: did no one see Victoria Beckham and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson?

  9. I understand that David wore his OBE cross on the wrong lapel. Anyone know if that’s the case?

  10. well, the fascinator is in style again. I think the young royals were just trying to be stylish. Not my thing but you don’t want the press saying they look dowdy.

    Part of the issue is that if you’re the bride, you have a specific set of things to do, and there’s not a lot of room for obvious originality (beyond putting trees in the abbey and stuff like that). I noticed how obediently and reverently Kate dropped her eyes every time William received the royal salute. Pippa had a bit more room to maneuver.

  11. Pippa’s in the perfect position, and I guess much of the press has written about this before this wedding day.

    What I really like about the Middletons in general is that they are all smilers, and they don’t appear plastered smiles for the public’s benefit.

  12. I also thought her brother read very well. He obviously had practiced and taken the task very seriously. Apparently he has a bit of wild side.

  13. I didn’t see his reading. I’ve just watched bits and pieces of this thing. I may go back and watch some more. Please slap me that I just said that. :D

  14. Selections from Romans 12 :)

  15. That’s what he read? Or that’s what I should receive instead of a slap?

  16. Both :) he read selections from Romans 12, and one of the verses he read was “rejoice with those who rejoice” :)

  17. Nice. I thought maybe he had read something about making your body a living sacrifice.

  18. Yeah, that’s the perfect wedding text. They skipped the section about body/members, though, and went on to the behavior prescriptions.

  19. Here’s Victoria and David of course :D


    I plead ignorance on knowing the other person.

  20. Servetus, I absolutely agree about her brother. He did a terrific job under high-stress circumstances.

    And I just fell in love with Pippa! When I saw her walking up the aisle with Prince Harry I thought what a cute couple they made. Sisters marrying brothers? Stranger things have happened

  21. Supposedly, Harry’s off again, on again girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, did attend the wedding.

  22. Yeah, and I understand that her boyfriend was there as well, but hey, since when did that stop us dreaming — thinking of Maid Marian. :D

  23. Yeah, it’s me. The late one. Just so you know, the men in my family think Pippa is drop-dead gorgeous. I do too but I don’t count! This was a topic of discussion at the farm Sat. Like they have nothing else to do but discuss the hotness of the future queen’s baby sister? Getting freaky around these parts.

  24. hahaha I didn’t watch the wedding but I just want to say that I liked her dress…

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