Is This Normal?

My sane self keeps rearing its ugly head. It’s been in control for almost two weeks now and has prompted me to organize my basement. I always said if I was organizing the basement, I didn’t have enough to do. Actually, it’s more serious than that. With the fires that have been raging around me (some way too close for comfort), it dawned on my slow self that if a fire hit, I needed to be ready.

Not being one bit funny now. I’ve actually been participating in efforts designed to help those who have been devastated by the fires. Some of it is to provide places to stay even a few hours away as I am. And it’s been painful to hear of their loss. I can do no less than help them any way possible.

Perhaps you can help as well — with your finances if not with your time and other resources. Red Cross is always a good choice for helping, but the Salvation Army has been consistently on the ground in this situation, and there are other groups helping. I’ll send along information if you’re interested.

And thank you for anything you can do including your prayers.

Timeout for Queensland

Despite the fun I have with Richard Armitage and all of you, sometimes it’s not appropriate. Today is one of those days, and I’m taking a timeout to focus on something more important.

The monsoon flooding in Queensland, Australia captured my attention awhile back, and in recent days, I’ve begun to realize the magnitude of the situation. A blogger I follow gave a great overview of what’s going on so that those of us outside that part of the world can gain some perspective:

Rain and devastation
Firstly thank you so much for all the emails received from the wonderful people who were concerned, and wanted to make sure we were ok. I also received lots of phone calls from friends to check up on us. It’s heart warming to know that we are in the thoughts of so many people. We are fine. It’s not even remotely bad here compared to the rest of Queensland.

I started this post on Monday ready for Tuesday Tidbits. I went to bed on Monday night oblivious to the terrible devastation to lives and property in the Lockyer Valley and Toowoomba west of Brisbane. I woke up yesterday morning to see the absolutely terrible disaster and horrendous situation these people had to endure. After the initial disbelief of what happened there I spent the rest of the day yesterday quite teary as I have friends whose family live in Toowoomba and then seeing the flooding that happened between here and Brisbane, another place where people I know live, it was all just a bit too much.
Fortunately everyone I know and their friends and family are all safe.

I am sure you have all seen on TV the footage of all the damage. It now means that 75% of the state of Queensland has now been affected by flooding. To put it into perspective, Queensland is twice the size of Texas, and the state covers a quarter of the Australian land mass.

Read more of Marg’s account here.

There are also some RA bloggers closer to the situation:





Please let me know if I left someone out.

This post is to help remind me and anyone else who needs it to keep all of these people in our thoughts and prayers, and hopefully, some of our thoughts and prayers will open some pocketbooks.

Some places to help financially:

QLD Premier’s Flood Appeal

Red Cross of Australia

And I understand from Mulubinba that Roger Federer also has a fundraising event which begins on Sunday, or today in Australia. Since my Lear Jet is in the shop, I can’t make this one, and I’m confident a few others reading this can’t make it either. I’m sure the Red Cross will still be able to take your money. :D But for those who can make it, this ought to be a good one. The match where Nadal defeated Federer for the Grand Slam just might be the most exciting one I’ve ever seen! And I understand they will rematch in this.