I Keep Forgetting

I keep forgetting that all of you who read this blog are not part of the rabid fans like I am. Oh, I know some of you are exactly like I am and could write this blog — meaning you could keep it supplied with the information over which so many salivate. Case in point is Richard Armitage leaving the Old Vic. I’ve long since looked at the YT clip of him leaving the theater after the plays. I figured anyone who read this blog had already looked at it too. But I was wrong. I’ve had emails and Facebook messages asking me about any word on footage or pictures of him at the theater, so here it is:

I love the YT user’s name, smartandcleverlass. Yes, she is, and I appreciate her grabbing this candid shot for all of us to drool over. But as I started to drool, I have to confess I had some hesitation. I began to feel sorry for RA, and the crap he must go through. His acting is wonderful, and I’ve already said I would love to see him on stage. That would be the ultimate experience of his acting for me. But I really can’t see myself following him out the door to take a shot of him with my phone. Maybe I sound like a hypocrite and one day may prove myself a liar, but I know my gut would be screaming: NO, DON’T DO IT! leave the guy be. Or perhaps I’m just a coward.

But enough of my conscience rearing its ugly head. Oh hell, I would just like a chance to find out if I would have a conscience. It would be a dream to go to one of his performances, but ever lurking at the back of my mind is this question: would I wait at the stage door to see RA afterward? I honestly don’t know. As I think about it now, I would feel like a fool doing that. No, I wasn’t kidding when I said I have too much pride to posture as a fangurl in public. I just can’t see it, but then I might let myself get caught up in the hysteria and do it anyway. Man, I am a coward.

I was talking with a fellow Armitage lover this evening, and she asked if I would go to the stage door if she dragged me there, and I said, “Of course, ’cause then I could blame it on you.” :D

Sometimes I wonder if I should have named this blog ‘The Reluctant Fan.’ That really is the best description of me, but I think that domain name was taken. All I know is I have fought this from the beginning and still fight it. I mentally slap myself about once a week. So my post about still stopping is describing a frequent occurrence. Maybe I shouldn’t write this post, but I must do it to at least fool myself into thinking I’m still sane. Momma didn’t raise a fool, so I’m trying to make her proud, but then Momma would go to the stage door. LOL! Maybe I should stop fighting my genes? Either that or take up drink. No, that will never happen. I’ve been too up close and personal with alcoholics, and that, my friends is about as revealing as I’m going to be on this blog.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.com