Back to Work!

How many are still recovering from last night’s drunken stupor of fangirling?

A little hair of the dog is always helpful to get back to your daily routine:


Oh yeah, look at those eyes. I mean really look because if you really look, you won’t be able to stop yourself from gushing, and now you have a place to relieve it by sharing your thoughts with Glamour UK about Richard Armitage’s Red Carpet appearance. Besides, this is what the Army does so well, and really, we need to get back at it. :D

So while you’re not love bombing RA’s charities, go over and tell Glamour what you think.

Also, I’m thankful to Ilaria Urbinati for her lovely work in dressing Richard Armitage. Damn! How do people get these jobs?! Should have been a stylist! Only one problem. I am short on knowing how to create a style. I just know what I like when I see it.

Don Draper eat your heart out!

Thanks to Ali at RichardArmitageNet.Com for the heads up.

More Hobbit Press Conference Before the Premiere

Fasten Your Seat Belts, Richard Armitage Frenzy is Here

We’re kicking into high gear with the world’s introduction to Richard Armitage, and you thought it started when his plane took off from LA. Oh, no, it really started when he landed:

I have never in all my experience as a Richard Armitage fangirl (yes, I’m a girl dammit :D) seen fangirling taken to such extremes, and the euphoria is spreading into all areas.

Our own Janine Pineo being her usual interesting self and actually making me take an interest in gardening! has done a Q&A with Anna about her beloved New Zealand. I wanna go to New Zealand! And I’ll even swear to grow some plants.

‘The Hobbit’ Made Me Do It

How Garden Maine Went to New Zealand and Back Again

• By Janine Pineo •

Back in August, this thought popped into my head: Wouldn’t it be cool to feature plants from New Zealand in The Daily Plant when ‘The Hobbit’ premieres?

Then I went back to picking vegetables or making pickles or whatever bit of garden fun I was doing at the time. Which, if you know your Tolkien, is a fairly Hobbity pastime.

But the idea didn’t fade away. Instead, the little seed that was planted lay dormant for a bit.

It sprouted about the time I met Anna Paton in the land of the Internet, where we were talking about all things Hobbit and many things not.

Anna, you see, is a Kiwi.

Read the rest here.

Wait. I guess that’s supposed only to be about Hobbit excitement. *rolls eyes*

And Heidi, the doubting Thomasina in our midst (see big time skepticism here) has been so overcome by what she’s seeing that she has now recanted her suspicions:

Meanwhile legions of fans are “love bombing” RA’s charities.

So I’m wondering how Richard Armitage Addiction is affecting others. Like, oh say, buying a Thorin Pez dispenser? Eagle Eyed Editor said she saw one. I don’t think she’s quite worked into a frenzy yet (give her time), so she didn’t buy one, and if you did, I won’t hold it against you if you don’t admit it. LOL! For me the euphoric state has untold effect although this blog should be some clue. But two things make it abundantly clear at the moment: 1) I’m considering gardening, which means something has obliterated my usual enmity with plants. Oh, it’s not that I don’t like to look at them, but we keep our distance from each other. 2) I’m going to NYC in December. I really need to have my head examined on that one.

No, I’m not done.

I’m curious about the strange yet not unnatural acts (when considering the impetus) that you’ve gotten up to since the RA frenzy hit. Okay, you can throw in some unnatural acts too. Just keep it clean. And if you haven’t any yet, hang on. :D

Airport shot courtesy of bccmee’s tumblr. Plane shot courtesy of Air New Zealand.

edit: I stand corrected that the Pez dispenser was Lord of the Rings and not The Hobbit, and now I know the real reason Eagle Eyed Editor did not buy one. ;-)