Back to Work!

How many are still recovering from last night’s drunken stupor of fangirling?

A little hair of the dog is always helpful to get back to your daily routine:


Oh yeah, look at those eyes. I mean really look because if you really look, you won’t be able to stop yourself from gushing, and now you have a place to relieve it by sharing your thoughts with Glamour UK about Richard Armitage’s Red Carpet appearance. Besides, this is what the Army does so well, and really, we need to get back at it. :D

So while you’re not love bombing RA’s charities, go over and tell Glamour what you think.

Also, I’m thankful to Ilaria Urbinati for her lovely work in dressing Richard Armitage. Damn! How do people get these jobs?! Should have been a stylist! Only one problem. I am short on knowing how to create a style. I just know what I like when I see it.

Don Draper eat your heart out!

Thanks to Ali at RichardArmitageNet.Com for the heads up.


  1. Is it wishful thinking on my part, or are those bedroom eyes?

  2. I think so.

  3. *putting glasses on now for closer inspection* Are those eyse blue or brown?

    Gotcha! Pass the coffee please.

  4. I’m wondering if there is significance to the tie clip as they haven’t been in vogue for awhile. Maybe his father’s or grandfather’s??

  5. I think affectations like that are coming back into style a bit due to ‘Mad Men’ in fact he somewhat resembles Don Draper’s style here.

  6. Not crazy about the style. Too conservative. I guess it’s supposed to come across as cool and trendy and manly, but…meh. The tie clip ruins it; I think the stylist has a thing for tie clips.

    Regardless he sure is purdy, and I’m so happy to see the chin thatch go and his easy smile.

  7. I’m hoping the tie clip has something Dwarven engraved on it. Did you see the lapels on Richard Taylor’s jacket?

  8. For the first time in … oh, years? …. I am at a loss for words.

    Please cherish this moment of Heidi’s deafening silence. It doesn’t come often.

  9. As my fellow photographer colleagues would say,”He rocked it!! I am not talking about his attire either (his stylist did a great job), but rather his inner joy beamed. His excitement was captured through the lens and that’s every photographers goal.

    Well done, Mr. Armitage.

  10. Here’s what I wrote under the nom de plume JEP

    Not only can Richard Armitage be the picture next to numerous definitions in the dictionary (smoulder, dapper, classy and humble, to name a few), the man can act. And his voice? Pure chocolate.

    Do I get an A for Armitage? :D

  11. Mighty fine.

  12. I am not sure about the stubble going along with this classy in a conservative way suit. If he hadn’t worn a tie and had his shirt a bit unbuttoned then stubble would have fit better.

    Having said that, he looked dapper and was an eye catcher. I was watching the live streaming and saw the chat – most of the people did not know him but there was an immediate buzz when they spotted him- who’s that guy, what was he in, etc….

  13. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe ……………. he has stubble ……………. BECAUSE HE’S REGROWING THAT BEARD!!!!


    I can dream. Just let me have my little dream.

  14. i’m dead

  15. “And his voice? Pure chocolate.” – Janine

    So agree! He could be talking piffle and I’d be listening. He ability to act and his looks certainly help as well.

  16. I didn’t think about it but you may have a point there @lovemrthornton.
    If he keeps sporting ever bigger facial hair in coming days, then he is definitely regrowing for Jan 2013.

  17. HAHAHA, Anneke, I will hold out steadfast hope that the stubble we see in this photo is sure sign of a coming thing:


    Please God, let it be so.


  18. Yep, I like the beard, too, which having said, he absolutely stunned me in Hobbit premiere. Never better.

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