Will Richard III be Identified on Monday?

It’s been a Richard III kind of day. A kind of week really, and now could Monday be the day we find out if it was really the King’s body under the public housing parking lot?

Philippa Langley was all over the place. Now she’s in The Sunday Times, and the teaser posed by the Times has me paying close attention (emphasis mine):

I had a hunch: The true story of the hunt for Richard III

An eerie feeling convinced Philippa Langley she had found the lost king. Tomorrow we will see if she was right

by Sian Griffiths Published: 3 February 2013


The story of the search for the long-lost bones of one of England’s most reviled kings starts on a sweltering summer day when Philippa Langley felt a sudden chill. Langley, a screenwriter, was researching a play about Richard III — Shakespeare’s dastardly hunchback — a figure who had fascinated her since childhood. To stimulate her creative juices she paid a visit to Leicester “to walk the area where he was supposed to have been buried”.

Read more here, but not much unless you have a subscription to the Times.

I’ll cut to the case if you don’t want to bother with a Times subscription, you can watch the special on Channel 4 on Monday, 9pm GMT. I know I’m going to watch it albeit at 2pm in the afternoon.

More unvarnished thoughts about all of this. I could be so wrong, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say Ms. Langley is one ballsy lady. She is going for it. This is going to be fun to watch. No, I’m not sadistic. I honestly want to see if her chutzpah pulls off getting this movie made. I guess you always have to have chutzpah to get a movie made, but again, what the hell do I know? Nothing. LOL!

And I can’t help but continue to wonder where is Richard Armitage and why the hesitance from his agent? That just won’t leave my mind when I would like nothing better than to start gushing about this. C’mon, Richard.

Damn. I hate it when my sane self tries to ruin my fun.

How ’bout a fun picture instead?


In honor of all of this Richard III news, I’ve finally given the King his own category. :D

Photo manipulation courtesy of @maraiad