The Word You’re Looking for is Dorktastic


Can Richard Armitage do anything wrong? Maybe. ;-) But he hasn’t so far, and I love that he’s Mr. Heart Throb yet we can still see his dork. Yeah, it’s dorktastic! (Thank you again, Nat, for turning me onto that word because I really needed it this morning!).

Okay, I’m talking about the Richard on the right in case it’s not clear. He’s a heart throb too! And definitely gets my vote. I think reblogs are how that’s done. Reblogs with lots of commentary. LOL!


You’re loveable and Kermit’s loveable although I’ve never thought of Kermit as a heart throb. I guess some people do. It must be his thoughtfulness, which you certainly share, and there is nothing more powerful than a heart throb with a streak of thoughtfulness — no matter what all of those romance novels suggest.

One of your crazy fans who thought of W.C. Fields on first watching the Go Pop clip, and yet if anyone can pull it off, you can. :D Think John Standring.

note: you gotta see this large. :D Be sure to click on the photo to expand it.