Diggin’ Dorktastic

So yesterday a bunch of us got excited about the supposed video of RA as a kid of 20 mimicking a music video. I don’t know for sure that it’s him, and I doubt that anyone reading my blog or Nat’s or servetus’ knows either. But it was fun to speculate.

I thought it was cute, and if it is RA, there is nothing embarrassing about it in my opinion, and it’s my opinion (for the most part) that will dictate what does or does not get posted on this blog. Hopefully, no one was offended by that video. If they were, then they probably won’t want to read this blog in the future. By saying that, I’m not implying at all that I would put something up that would compromise Richard Armitage. I respect him even though I’m wrestling with objectification (more on that later; not quite ready to talk about it yet. I still want to wallow in it a bit).

But today, I’m trying out a new word that I love. It’s already becoming entrenched in my vocabulary. At least in my head and on this blog. Not sure if I’m ready to utter the word, but I do LOVE dorktastic! and it’s now part of the RA Lexicon. Thank you, Nat for introducing me to that word in Busting a Groove!

Dorktastic gets at another facet of RA that I love. His dork factor. I love it when some guy is very sexy and masculine but has a bit of dork going on. It’s a type of vulnerability, and we women need vulnerability in the men we’re attracted to. No, I don’t want to psychoanalyze that just yet. It might reveal more about my control freak than I’m comfortable with. LOL!

I find it interesting that Guy of Gisborne, who is fatally sexy, has a bit of dork peek through now and again. I love that about Guy — showing that vulnerability. Showing the kid, the little boy inside the bad ass. Is it just me who finds this attractive?

Okay, hit me with the psychoanalysis. I’m ready. LOL!

Wait! I forgot my gratuitous pics.

Dork moment coming up:

He has no clue; just can’t hold back his dork:

There he goes:

Classically perplexed like a true dork, or huh?

My heart went out to Guy in that scene. I had to mentally slap myself to remember the heinous things he’d done. Such is the power of the dork when it’s in a sexy package.

For a less cursory treatment of dork as it applies to RA, check out Servetus’s post Dorktastic Past.

Screencaps courtesy of RobinHood2006.com (update: which no longer exists) and RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. Very perceptive. Guy’s dorkiness is constantly on display in different ways in this show. This is a nice funny dorky moment. Fitzg articulated something very effectively here:


    that I had thought as well about dork as social outsider. So his dorkiness is sometimes painful. But I think both of them draw us in; they heighten his vulnerability and make us sympathize with him (who hasn’t been in that situation)?

  2. I’m glad you like my weird vocabulary. :)
    I have plenty of others up my sleeve… just you wait! haha.

    I never thought of Giz being dorky, but you’re right. Now that I think of it, there are plenty of dorktastic Gisborne moments. The tin man outfit comes to mind immediately. The ugly wolf tattoo… dorky, not cool! His guard’s yellow-feathered helmets are laughable. I could go on, but I’ll spare Gisborne the embarassment. :)

  3. I look forward to more of your cleverness. :D

  4. Tin man was totally dorky!

    Do I sense a shift in Guy discourse, from looking for the ‘good in Guy’ to the ‘dork in Guy’? I love it! There is a moment (I can’t remember which ep) where “Guy” sorta flops down some stairs in a manner not befitting of the way in which he normally holds his stern posture, and I immediately thought… that was RA walking down the stairs then, not Guy! Too many takes on that scene, perhaps! It might quality as dorky. Funny how minor moments like that can betray the dramatic illusion.

  5. Do you remember which series? I’m sure one of us can find it! :D

  6. It’s been a good six months since I’ve seen RH, so I have no idea. It was either 1 or 2 because I haven’t seen RH3 yet. I’ll keep en eye out for it when I embark on a rewatch. I believe it was in the courtyard outside the castle, Guy was tagging behind the Sheriff?

  7. I may have to rewatch to find it. LOL!

  8. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

  9. “Dork” – “Dorky” etc. VULNERABILITY. Perhap it is common to most of the human race (I’m purposefully avoiding instances of ongoing and recent wars , including Rwanda, as this is not the venue for political debate) to respond to vulnerability.

    Are men more conditioned/predisposed to expect vulnerability in women? Are women more predisposed to respond to vulnerability in everyone? Just throwing it out there for anyone who cares to discuss.

    I could say more on the subject, but think I’m getting a bit heavy here, albeit hardly original – time to retreat into my sense of humour….( and remind self of tendency to pomposity!)

  10. fitzg, one of the Strike Back media pieces, I think the interview with the director and RA, said that they thought women were conditioned to respond to characters like John Porter, who appear vulnerable and to some extent appeal to women’s sense of guilt.

  11. Servetus: Guy really is the ultimate outsider, isn’t he? Harking back to your treatise on medievalism, the “landless knight” is an oxymoron. Though there were many such in those times. Another glimpse of Guy the Outsider (wish I had a screen cap) is from Treasure of the Nation, when Marian goes to hug Allan for saving her, and for that instant, Guy’s face reflects that ” always someone else, never me”.

    Obviously, I’m far too susceptible. A problem? Yes.

  12. […] Throb but can still let us see his dork. Yeah, it’s dorktastic! (Thank you again, Nat, for turning me onto that word because I really needed it this […]

  13. It looks like Richard and I see nothing at all wrong with it. Every actor has his starting point and there is nothing here to be offended by I think but since the video is now private perhaps it isn’t to be shown far and wide. That is okay. I’m sure Richard knows that as an actor becomes better known and popular photos from the past are going to come out. Hopefully he won’t mind.

  14. I agree that there is nothing wrong with it, and it’s almost impossible to keep photos and video like this from coming out.

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