Stuck on You

Dear Richard,

If you ever stumble on this place and take a good look around, it will become clear I had significant time gaps between some of my posts. Maybe I should say real life intruded, and in fact it did. But psssst, sometimes I just tried to leave you. Obviously, I always came back, and here I am again today.

I’ve finally waded through some things that were holding me back, and now those are receding quickly, so hang on!

Yours Truly,
Frenz (aka Masha :D)

P.S. If I ever stalked you, I wouldn’t be in an ugly green car, but I would love that red dress.

note: I started to call this post “I Can’t Quit You,” but even I’m not that cheesy.

Need a Richard picture to get myself back in the mood big time:

This post’s for you, Sheepa. Thanks for the great laugh.


If you have not watched this video, do it now! It gets better and better.