Stuck on You

Dear Richard,

If you ever stumble on this place and take a good look around, it will become clear I had significant time gaps between some of my posts. Maybe I should say real life intruded, and in fact it did. But psssst, sometimes I just tried to leave you. Obviously, I always came back, and here I am again today.

I’ve finally waded through some things that were holding me back, and now those are receding quickly, so hang on!

Yours Truly,
Frenz (aka Masha :D)

P.S. If I ever stalked you, I wouldn’t be in an ugly green car, but I would love that red dress.

note: I started to call this post “I Can’t Quit You,” but even I’m not that cheesy.

Need a Richard picture to get myself back in the mood big time:

This post’s for you, Sheepa. Thanks for the great laugh.


If you have not watched this video, do it now! It gets better and better.


  1. The important question is was that a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 Concord she was forcing him to drink?

  2. ROTFLOL!!! Oh Frenz. I can just see you in that red dress along with the lovely cake!! Don’t know who the handsome guy is in the vid but I’m thinking he could give the Armitage a run for his money!

  3. Dear Frenz,

    Glad to see you’re back. I’m especially glad you really wouldn’t leave me. I was starting to worry! Some of the old guard have been telling me women will be chasing me but so far I haven’t seen anybody. I ran into one group who asked if I was that bloke from the Hobbit but they were disappointed when they discovered I wasn’t Aidan Turner. Last week, one woman followed me down the street but she just wanted point out the loo paper stuck to my trainer. Guess they don’t watch Spooks here.

    Please hang around Frenz. I appreciate all of you.


  4. [Do I really need to point out the above was fake?]

  5. He should be glad people want to stop him to tell him things like that, I think :)

  6. Haha! Couldn’t help it!
    When I heard the song I loved it, but upon watching the video I instantly thought of my crazy love for RA being similar to hers for that guy :D (He’s cute, but no Richard).

    Glad you liked the pic! :)

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  8. LoL I was singing another stuck on you as soon as I saw the title of your post! Missing YOU more!! @judiang be careful not to blow your cover you’re on the inside ;-)

  9. The other song I thought of was George Harrison, “I’ve got my mind set on you.”

  10. Good to have you back, Frenz! :D
    NO ONE holds a candle to Mr. A! (Oh dear, next I’ll be in a red dress, with a green car – wait, stick to my own flag – red dress in white car? No, a red Beemer convertible would catch the Top Gear Armitage eye. White dress…)

  11. A ha ha ha ha!
    Thank you Frenz ,this was hilarious:)
    Daer Richard!
    I will never harm you,that is …I will never put a paper bag on your head:)
    With regards

  12. Oh, Richard, there’s no need to pretend you’re Judi. I know you love me and read my blog every day. Just admit it! And I may get you your own cake. I know just where to get it! :D

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  14. Glad you’re back too, Frenz. ‘Cause I’m Stuck on You too!
    (Lionel Ritchie style)

  15. Aww, thanks, Phylly.

    JB, I’m still trying to figure out if that’s Mad Dog she’s given him. I say no, since he was still resistant. :D

  16. Did somebody say something about stalking RA? Can this be a group effort, please? We would be so suave and sneaky, he wouldn’t even know. :)

  17. Nat!!!!!

    Ahem, we must devise a plan. ;)

  18. First step: find a way to suppress the idiotic grin that breaks out on our faces whenever we see him :)

  19. I don’t think that would be possible Servetus, we might just have to wear masks :D
    Er I can find us a car but someone would have to drive it, since I can’t.

  20. I’m a professional driver. You get a car, and I’ll drive it — either side of the road.

  21. HYSTERICAL – please please please can I join the team!!!!

  22. Of course you can Cindy!

    Awesome Frenz, where’s this happening? Premiere of the Hobbit in NZ or should we all just swim over there and kidnap him now? :)

  23. Good car will be great Sheepa because mine is only little younger then me:)

  24. Hi!
    Re-twit you post: to my @amsaquli twitter

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