Black Sky Fun

A couple of weeks ago I was planning on having a naming contest for the then as yet unnamed tornado project. UTP sounded like an infection, and my control freak wanted to come with a remedy. But alas, the makers of the film have decided it shall be ‘Black Sky,’ which does sound interesting.

Not to be defeated, I’ve decided to have a contest for a tagline for said ‘Black Sky.’ Just for fun. It’s not on yet but hopefully soon.

In the meantime, I asked Todd Garner if he would provide a signed t-shirt or poster for the winner. But I understand from him that I need to ask Warner Brothers. If I’m not successful, never fear. I already have a prize lined up:

Do I need a fake fan letter to Todd? Oh, yeah.

Dear Todd,

You have been so much fun. Thank you for that!

This letter is to also tell you how much I would love to change the picture above to an RA signed ‘Black Sky’ t-shirt or poster. I’m not picky. And I was even willing to ask openly with the possibility of your thinking I’m a nut. Well, I am a nut, but damn man, it’s fun.

Off to talk to WB.

One of Richard’s crazy fans

PS. Can’t wait for “Here Comes the Boom.”

T-shirt courtesy of the lovely people at TheOneRingnet.

Disclaimer: t-shirt will be sans buttons