New Message From Richard Armitage in Wellington

From RichardArmitageOnline:

Message from Richard Armitage, 28th November 2012

Dear Friends,

So I am sitting in my hotel room from which I can see a very long red carpet and The Embassy Theatre. I am nervous, excited and quite emotional, the day has arrived when we can finally present our work for everyone to hopefully enjoy.

I wanted to say thank you for the continuing support that I receive from everyone who visits Annette’s brilliant site, and those others which have popped up over the last few years and months. It means so much to me to have that support. I truly hope you all enjoy The Hobbit, I tried to respect the responsibility that taking on this role presented to me, my fellow cast members are all spectacular in the story and we send out our work to you in the hope that you can take your friends and family to see a great event in the cinema.

I look forward to saying thank you, at the various premiers over the next few weeks.

See you on the Red Carpet.

Much love

fumblingly sent from my iPad

Definitely calls for a fake fan letter only I’m very sincere this time:

Dear Richard,

You were great, and we were all so proud of you. Take care, and all of us so look forward to your coming successes.

I don’t know what else to say but that, or I could go on for an hour.

One of your crazy fans who is tired after a wonderful night

And on that note, I’m calling it a night. :)

edit: For those not familiar with me, my reference to being sincere was an allusion to the mostly tongue-in-cheek tone of my fake fan letter series. I hope that explains it. Call me if it’s still not clear. :D