Juxtaposition in the ‘Hood

A new Richard Armitage photo surfaced from @UrbanAtShedCrew, and I have all kinds of good vibes about this.

Richard Armitage Urban and the Shed Crew

Thoughts of Richard playing the scruff, out of his element — or is he? I absolutely adore this. Can hardly wait even though I realize it may not play in the U.S. quickly. Since when has that ever stopped any of us? And for anyone reading who may be alarmed by that statement, I always buy the DVD and usually more than one. It’s my understanding that many, many fans do this. But best of all, we are willing to talk and talk and talk about these vehicles.

Meanwhile, just one of the tweets inuring us to the culture of Urban and the Crew:

Interesting stuff to read as I wait for my book to get here.

And the Into the Storm trailer!

Yeah, Rich!

All of a sudden we have a few things to look forward to. I knew it. I knew it. Yes, I’m gloating. I knew you weren’t sitting on your duff. Have you ever been able to do that? Seriously, man, have you ever been able to sit still?

Somehow I doubt it, and I would bet there’s some really fine looking home improvements created in between all of these theatrical offerings when you were supposedly having your “down time.” :D

A fan crazy about damaged characters.

P.S. You have always done a wonderful job with redemption stories. I really cannot wait to see this. Sue me if I’m getting ahead of myself.