Tangent — Cannabis Wunderbar?

As soon as this becomes a reality, there will be no more debate about the legalization of pot in America. It will be a done deal. But really, it’s pretty much legal where I live. Medical marijuana is very prevalent and is obtained from a place called a dispensary. You might be thinking these are fairly clinical looking places. Here’s the one near me:

If you hang around my blog, you will figure out I’m not into liquor. Don’t smoke pot either. Heck, I have a hard time taking an aspirin. I like to be clear headed most of the time. However, it is absolutely none of my business what others do, and I don’t believe someone can keep another person from seeking something out if the person believes it makes them feel better. Could be anything; like maybe an anonymous blog? :D. Doesn’t matter if it could be harmful. And gaining comfort for a medical condition is nothing compared to appeasing someone’s vanity. Yep, I feel the tide coming.

Plus, a pill like this can’t be any worse than all of the other crap we ingest.

Photo courtesy of my local paper, but I can’t specify ’cause then I would have to kill you. ;-)