Tangent — Cannabis Wunderbar?

As soon as this becomes a reality, there will be no more debate about the legalization of pot in America. It will be a done deal. But really, it’s pretty much legal where I live. Medical marijuana is very prevalent and is obtained from a place called a dispensary. You might be thinking these are fairly clinical looking places. Here’s the one near me:

If you hang around my blog, you will figure out I’m not into liquor. Don’t smoke pot either. Heck, I have a hard time taking an aspirin. I like to be clear headed most of the time. However, it is absolutely none of my business what others do, and I don’t believe someone can keep another person from seeking something out if the person believes it makes them feel better. Could be anything; like maybe an anonymous blog? :D. Doesn’t matter if it could be harmful. And gaining comfort for a medical condition is nothing compared to appeasing someone’s vanity. Yep, I feel the tide coming.

Plus, a pill like this can’t be any worse than all of the other crap we ingest.

Photo courtesy of my local paper, but I can’t specify ’cause then I would have to kill you. ;-)


  1. It is legal where i live too. But I must say your local place looks funky and cool. I would have a toke at that place. Do you suppose RA inhales? Surely the artistic/theatre community does not have any qualms about rolling a few so I wonder if at any time RA is/was a pothead. LOL.

  2. It wouldn’t shock me if he had smoked a joint. But my experience with potheads is that it’s far from limited to the artistic community. Many of the pillars of a community are potheads, and the best stuff is found on the courthouse steps from lawyers. But none of that has leveraged its legalization like vanity will do. LOL!

  3. ROFL! Best stuff found on the steps of the courthouse!

  4. Sadly, that’s true.

  5. Yes please!! Well said!!! That should help the hemp industry too, its ridiculous how the US government has NOT distinguished between the two!

  6. Still an issue in a country which widely legally, accepts same-sex marriage/abortion etc.! At the least, lighten up on marijauna health issues – even those in pain have a hard time being legalised for this relief here. I smoked a joint once. The tobacco kept falling out of the paper. It took a long time to inhale. Didn’t like it. But Bill, I did manage to inhale! Eventually. :D

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