What’s Your Take on Kony 2012?

I get all sorts of notices on Vimeo, and a little over a week ago, there was a notice about something called Kony 2012. I watched it, and I had questions and have asked them of the sources I have in Uganda, but I didn’t get a chance to come back to the internet about this until a few days ago. Thursday I came back to query and realized the video was on YouTube as of Monday and already had tens of millions of hits. As I’m typing this, the video has almost 66 million hits.

Since I want to hear what you think, I’m not going to tell you my thoughts so far, but this is what SO and I have been discussing for the last two days:

More info on it below, but I hope you watch the video first if you haven’t seen it and don’t know anything. I’m really curious about your reaction before you hear all the rhetoric.



Source in response to this Source.






And Another Source

I’m Officially Sick

Until now I’ve just been teasing. But that Sean Pruen video has me messed up in the head. LOL! Yes, I’m laughing, but it’s a kind of hysterical laugh that would creep you out if you heard it. LOL!

I don’t even want to analyze the video. Yes, I’ve analyzed others in minute detail, but I dare not tell you what I’m really thinking about some of the things I’ve looked at. Better to make it a joke. I’m having a hard time making something funny out of this:

And if that one doesn’t do it for you, then how ’bout one of these?

If you’re unmoved, then you are dead.

If Sean ever reads this entry, I hope he knows this is what happens when “viral” is a label. ;-)

Screencaps courtesy of my stash by way of Sean Pruen’s lovely video to be found here.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

So I just created a Facebook page for RAFrenzy. I had sworn off FB and still can barely stand being on it. But I know it’s a necessary component for really making something viral, and I wanted to do my part with the video that a Motion Designer/Video Editor named Sean Pruen recently uploaded to Vimeo. I would have simply embedded it here, but WordPress doesn’t love Vimeo, hence the FB page. For some reason WordPress wouldn’t let me embed it yesterday, so I made the damned FB page. Then I come here this afternoon and realize it was pointless to make that page. I think Facebook is behind this. ;-) But without further berating of FB, here it is:

Now I can go on and on about this on my blog. :D

I love the computer graphic look to this. His head doesn’t quite move like a normal head. Wouldn’t it be something if he were playing a CGI. LOL!! Well, it’s probably altered, but I can see RA playing something like that. He’s that good. Whatever the case, he still looks fine, and if Richard Armitage ever deigns to read all of the crap I’m writing on this blog, I hope he does get that amid all of the bs, I really do admire him as an actor. Making a Facebook page is absolute proof. Sorry, I can’t let it go that I was dumb enough to make up that page.

As if that’s not enough, I’ve been researching comic book heroes. At this point, I’m almost intimately acquainted with the Invaders of Captain America fame and yes, some comic book fanboys on a few sites. I hope SO never finds out. Never mind being jealous; he would never let me live this down.

But I can’t think about all of that now. What I really want to know is if our lovely Richard will be wearing this get up:

It seems a significant number of people in the fandom think that he will. See here and here.

Stay tuned.

Making it viRAl

UPDATE: screencaps with corrected aspect ratio (below); looks more like RA.

[note: this video is sometimes set to “private” so may not play; check back sometime to try it again]

This video popped up on YouTube last week, and I was not going to put it up, but then Natalie put up a blog entry, Busting a Groove. Clever. Love that Nat!

I’m putting it up as well because my gut tells me it is him, and this is my part in making the video viRAl. LOL! Wonder how many of us will put it up on our sites. It is kind of fascinating. I took the liberty of making some screencaps. I feel like I’m analyzing the Zapruder film. Who was that on the grassy knoll, uh, yard? I’m not sure where to look to confirm it’s him, but the hands seem to be like his. Tell me what you think. Is it RA or not?

Follow-up post, Diggin’ Dorktastic.

Candid shots courtesy of my feeble efforts at capping.

edit: I have the video, but I never said that. ;-)

another edit (and almost four years later): since Tim Ward has released the video so publicly on Twitter, I’m going to post it with corrected aspect ratio. I made this at the time I first saw the video, and I have Elvira to thank for her insistence and education about AR and its importance. And if we’re going to view RA when he was a green lad, I’d rather not do it with him looking like a yard gnome.