Man, I am Bummed. Harold Ramis Died

I just read the news. He was young! We’ll miss you Harold. You gave me years of laughs, and it meant so much.

harold-ramis-stripes1981-1040[a scene from Stripes]

What I really loved was his great writing. Groundhog Day is a masterpiece.

Bill Murray Steven Tobolowski

No Ramis in this photo, but I love this scene and loved it and loved it. And a little trivia that no one cares about but makes me chuckle. Steven Tobolowsky is the son of the pediatrician I saw as a kid. He’s nothing like his dad who was a bit of a stuffed shirt and never laughed much less smiled. Would have loved a Ramis’ comedy about doctors now that I think of it!

All of this has me with a hankering to rev up my version of a blog award — The Do Wah Diddy Diddy.