Man, I am Bummed. Harold Ramis Died

I just read the news. He was young! We’ll miss you Harold. You gave me years of laughs, and it meant so much.

harold-ramis-stripes1981-1040[a scene from Stripes]

What I really loved was his great writing. Groundhog Day is a masterpiece.

Bill Murray Steven Tobolowski

No Ramis in this photo, but I love this scene and loved it and loved it. And a little trivia that no one cares about but makes me chuckle. Steven Tobolowsky is the son of the pediatrician I saw as a kid. He’s nothing like his dad who was a bit of a stuffed shirt and never laughed much less smiled. Would have loved a Ramis’ comedy about doctors now that I think of it!

All of this has me with a hankering to rev up my version of a blog award — The Do Wah Diddy Diddy.

You Sold Me, Bill

It’s Friday, I’m out of job and I don’t have sh*t to do.* SO and I are going to the movies, which we haven’t done much the last few years since there hasn’t been much to see. But hey, we have a fondness for Bill Murray (have I told you about my Bill Murray love?), and ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ looks good. Plus, I’ll see anything with Frances McDormand. I love her too.

No, I’m not defecting in my Richard Armitage love. No worries. I’m a one man fangirl. Dull I know, but there it is.

Yes, Richard, you have to put up with me some more. I can’t go away yet. I have some special plans for the Hobbit shindig.

Very Truly Yours,
One of your crazy fans who continues to navigate the insane world of fandom

P.S. Man, I’m on the verge of writing you a for real letter where I tell you how much I feel for you about what you must put up with from fans.

Ahhh, my work here is done — Richard Armitage in the same post with Frances McDormand. :D

*A Georgette Heyer audio book to the one who can name the movie that inspired the first sentence of this post. Hint: it has nothing to do with Bill Murray.

edit: I’m providing additional hints on Twitter. Just Tweet me an RA pic for more.

second edit: AustenSpaceCast won the audio book, and what fun it was to receive photos of RA. Thank you all who sent them to me. And I see I have some work to do to get you tweeting since most of the pics were emailed. :D

A Do Over

About twenty minutes ago, it occurred to me I hadn’t posted a blog piece today, and once midnight was here, I couldn’t turn back the clock and keep on track with the Project 365 bondage commitment. But even if I had skipped today, it wouldn’t make me lose sleep. I’ve neglected or just plain screwed up so many things during my life that missing a day of posting is probably 100,396th on the list.

It would take me a couple of years to list all of the things on which I placed too much emphasis, but most of it was on being responsible and mature, doing the right thing. I spent so much time trying to get things right and scared to death of messing up that I didn’t let myself be a kid. And I still messed up!

This blog is a bit of an attempt to manifest the childhood I’ve been recapturing, and as with any child, I’m going to cross a boundary at times. Such as saying the word fuck. I don’t mean actually saying the word. I’ve said it many times in my life. I mean typing it on this blog for anyone in the world to read. Perhaps that sounds a lame excuse to be crass. Yeah, I know some of you think that, and I can’t really do much about you thinking it, but I am aware that you do, and it’s really not my intent to offend you. But I also know even if I walked on water, there would be some of you who wouldn’t like the angle of the video clip.

If it’s not clear by this point in the post, then let me make it crystal. I’m trying to work something out. You can come along with me or not. I hope you stay and continue the ride. And no, I don’t intend to parade a sting of profanity to prove that I can be carefree, but there has been something freeing in saying pretty much what I think. I said “pretty much” because I’m not quite sure the world is ready to hear all of my (or anyone’s) reckless thoughts. There is such a thing as discretion.

So what does this have to do with Richard Armitage? Stick around and you’ll find out. :D

For now a little peek at the man who wanted a do over:

[click to enlarge]

Candid shot courtesy of KuchingGirl

edit: I canned the 365 program several weeks into this year. It was a good experience but not necessary to continue.

Do Wah

Phylly, thank you so much for the Versatile blogger award. I guess those tangents weren’t too much then?

Before I get to the ins and outs of this award, I just want to say I really enjoy Phylly’s blog. She and I are on the same wave length if her interests are any clue. She has similar taste in music, movies, literature, humor, …actors. Her posts always strike a chord with me. One of my favorites is May 13th, “Show Your Pearly Whites!” Love this post for lots of reasons not the least of which is anyone who puts up a video of Allan Sherman is someone I would love to know better, and there are many other posts which make me think this about Phylly. That’s just the one that stands out in my mind. Wait. Then there was the post about Earth Day where she talked about being a great fan of Joni Mitchell. Me too! There was also the time she mentioned Ogden Nash, The Beatles, Far from the Madding Crowd and John Standring all in one post! I assumed she’s a fan of all of those, and it had me thinking me, me, me and also me are a fan.

So many times I’ve read her blog and had the thought, “I would have a great time with this person.” I’ve had these thoughts so much with some bloggers that I’ve wanted to acknowledge it with fanfare somehow. If you’re thinking this is a long thank you for my award, almost in the vein of an award for Phylly, then you’re right. It is in fact an award.

To Phylly goes the first ever “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” Blogger Award.

Phylly, may you be the first of many to wear it with a giggle if not with pride, and hopefully, this will keep us all from becoming too serious. As far as any rules for passing this on, it may be passed onto two bloggers who have you musing, “Yeah, I’d like to party with them.” But only two since oftentimes finding more can be a real hassle. Most important the recipients must not take themselves too seriously, which means they have to have some affection for Bill Murray. No Bill Murray love, no award. Fine Print: must like at least one thing — skit, movie, whatever –with Bill Murray. See his IMDb page for reference. The recipient must then share this Bill Murray love with us. Below is mine and what inspired this award:

I’ll get back to you on my Versatile Blogger award.

And just so this post won’t qualify as a tangent, I must have an RA segue, i.e., something that is not strictly about RA but not a tangent either. Sort of a variation of Six Degrees of Separation or the Kevin Bacon game.

So where was I? Oh, yeah, trying to think of something to say about RA. Since I’m tired, and I don’t really have anything to say about him this evening (yes, there are times when I really don’t have anything to say about him), how ’bout a picture?

and a song (the whole thing LOL!):

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com