I’m Just Going to Say It


Some of you already know I think it, and please forgive me if it sounds arrogant. That is not how I feel at all. I’m still flabbergasted.

This is fun:

FireShot Screen Capture #165 - 'Twitter _ Notifications' - twitter_com_i_notifications

Every time I want to look at Richard Armitage’s timeline, I have to search it because I’ve been too busy to make a list. And when I search it, I see that above and get a stupid grin on my face and laugh involuntarily. One time SO was standing nearby, and I had to be nefarious about what made me laugh. LOL! How old am I? Do not answer that! I had to be sly because SO would have royally taken the Mickey out of me.

Maybe I’ll stop grinning at some point when this becomes old hat, but I’m having a hard time thinking this would ever become old hat. And this morning I can’t contain my exuberance.

In fact, I’m laughing as I write this and thinking about how this blog was supposed to be a 2-3 month lark. Thankfully, SO is out of earshot. And ohmygosh, if some of you knew how many times I’ve said I was going to quit! It’s pretty much a quarterly thing for me and sometimes more often. I’m still not sure how long I can go with this, but for now, this is still a lot of fun. Thanks, Richard. :D

note to self: Remember you have never taken this place seriously; don’t start now. Also, remember Twitter followers can be fickle even when they don’t intend to be. It happens, so don’t forget that. For now, just go with it and hope others have as much fun coming along for the ride.

A Few Pointers on Twitter

For those who have just joined Twitter or have been on and still don’t know how to navigate it effectively, here are some basics to remember:

  • Tweets are what you and others post on Twitter.
  • Profile page (aka “Me”) is where you find your tweets and retweets. If you want to make a tweet sticky (keep it at the top of your tweets on your profile page), you can “pin” the tweet. This is under “more” on the individual tweet. This is not widely available on mobile. Bummer.
  • Your timeline is the tweets that scroll when you are on your Twitter home page. It’s also known as the home feed. It is populated with tweets and retweets from those you follow as well as the occasional (let’s hope it stays occasional) promoted tweet thrown in by Twitter. Conversely, people who follow you will have your tweets/retweets in their timelines.
  • Retweets are exactly what they seem — a do over of a tweet; however, you cannot retweet yourself (not easily anyway) although you can post the same tweet twice. It’s just technically not a retweet and frankly, many times it’s viewed as spam. The protocol is to retweet others. There are a few ways to retweet, but generally, if you use the Twitter retweet function, the person you retweeted will be notified. If you cut and paste a tweet or manually quote or alter a tweet, that’s not necessarily true. It depends on how the person being retweeted is being notified, which I’m not going to cover. Suffice to say that if you use the Twitter retweet function, they will be notified. And while I’m on the retweet function, just know that it is not the same on all devices. Play around with this, so that you know how it works for you. I would go into all of this, but we would be here all day.
  • 140 characters is the limit for tweets and retweets, and yes, that includes your Twitter name. Sorry, but thems the rules babycakes. The only exception to the rule is any links in your tweet.
  • Twitter will shorten links with their url shortening service. This is done dynamically by Twitter, i.e., you don’t do it; Twitter does it as you post your tweet. You will see something that begins with t.co for your link once your tweet is posted. But before you tweet with a link, you will see all the characters displayed. This is why a good rule of thumb is to type the tweet, see how many characters it will be, and then add the link at the end.
  • Hashtags are characters preceded by a number sign. Looks like this —> #hashtag. Hashtags can be actual words, phrases or acronyms. Doesn’t matter. Sometimes they are agreed on by groups who are going to participate in an event. In the past, the FanstRAvaganza event has used #Fanstra and other hashtags so that people could easily find the content. And that is the point — to find things. Hashtags are primarily an indexing tool. There are also throwaway hashtags which are used to convey something additional and it’s often humorous.
  • Trending is when a hashtag or person or event becomes very popular on Twitter. It takes a helluva lot for something to trend, and yes, Richard Armitage has trended on Twitter.
  • Photos are generally displayed if you load them directly to Twitter. Photos in a link are not necessarily displayed. It depends on how the linked site feeds its information to other sites (and that’s as technical as I’m going to get on the subject). It also depends on agreements Twitter has or doesn’t have with other sites. For instance, hang posting a link to Facebook media and having it displayed on Twitter. Same thing for Facebook with Twitter media.They are competitors after all. Can all of this be gotten around? Oh sure it can and especially if you have enough time or money or technical skills to mess around with it. But remember this is a post about the basics on Twitter.
  • Video from YouTube and Vine will display with a link in the timeline. And I understand Vine is expanding function. Who knows they may end up like YouTube. If that happens, count on Twitter taking YouTube videos out of the timeline unless YT antes up something major. There are other ways to display video, but you have to have some bucks.
  • Protected tweets are private tweets. This means the whole world can’t see them only the people who follow that profile. This also means that protected tweets cannot be retweeted by Twitter. They can be retweeted if someone does a cut and paste, but as a courteous, it’s good to ask permission from the owner of the original tweet before doing it.
  • DMs or direct messages are private messages. There is a 160 character limit instead of 140. You can only DM someone if they follow you (different rules apply for Verified accounts, and since I suspect no one reading this has a verified account, I’m not going to cover that aspect). Sometimes a Twitter user sends auto responses to anyone who DMs them, but it’s mostly businesses or the famous who do this — the famous who follow a lot of people, like say Stephen Fry who follows about a half million people. No actually I think he follows 50,000 or so. Good chance he auto replies to DMs. And no, I’m not going to DM Richard Armitage. Unless he DMs me first. ;-) Also, links are tricky in DM. Some can be sent and some can’t. Twitter is constantly changing this and apologizing for it. Just know that it’s not reliable.
  • Lists are great. Twitter lists are one of my favorite functions, and I use them constantly. Some are public and some are private. You can add someone to a list you’ve created whether you follow them or not. However you do it, lists are good for grouping tweets so they don’t get lost in your timeline. For instance, I have a list called musicilove, so I can easily and quickly keep up with any tweeting by the performers on the list. I also have some private lists that are probably more helpful to what I do on Twitter than anything I use. No, I’m not sharing those. MUHAHAHAHAHA Interestingly, almost none of those private lists are about Richard Armitage. It’s mostly technical profiles I follow and think I would look like a doofus to do it as a fan site.
  • Twitter bots are accounts which are run by software and not people. They are mostly comprised of spammers and hackers and some legitimate businesses. Almost all the time they have a link in a tweet, and they will tweet to individuals in hopes the links will be clicked. So how do you tell what’s a bot and what’s not? Sometimes it’s hard, but most of the time it’s easy. If they have no conversation with anyone or they have followed a bazillion people and almost no one has followed them, they are usually a bot. I could go on and on with ways to tell, but those are two biggies. Perhaps some others will throw in with how they determine it.
  • Chatting on Twitter is done all the time, but I would keep it at a minimum. Your followers who are not involved in a particular chat oftentimes do not want to see them. Why? They clutter up the timeline and you run the risk of being muted (I’ll talk about this function in another post).

That’s all for now. I left out a lot because I really am trying to keep this to basic pointers, but remember all of this is subject to change at Twitter’s discretion. Just have fun but don’t go too crazy ’cause Twitter jail is real.

In the meantime, I’ll be happy to answer questions, and I’m sure there are plenty of other fans who read this blog and are also on Twitter who will do the same.

Later I’ll talk about Twitter clients which make all of this above easier to manage including scheduling tweets.

RichardArmitageUS also has some Twitter pointers here.

Richard Really is My Kind of Guy!

Richard Armitage with a sense of zany. My god he’s broken out of the “Brooding Mr. Darcy I’m too smart and sophisticated to get outrageous” kind of humor. Loving this.


And he wants suggestions!

Click to send yours


I’m so proud of you for not being intellectual all the time, and I swear this is not going to kill any of your brain cells no matter how much crying you hear from some quarters.

Oh, you’ve been this way all along? I figured as much. :D

One of your crazy fans who wishes she had figured out sooner not to take herself so seriously all the time.

P.S. Is this another charity challenge? Inquiring minds can’t help but ask. ;-)

What It is About Nathan Kress

Kress_1100-1024x558As I said in a previous post, I just adored Nathan Kress in the new movie Into the Storm, and I wanted to find out more about him. So I asked Kelly aka @NBNathanKress, “Why Nathan?”

Her reply:

Like the majority of Nathan’s fans, I first became familiar with him thanks to “iCarly.” The show started off as background noise for me, but by the second season, I started to tune in more. I also learned that a lot of people I knew from other fandoms liked this show. While the show could definitely be wacky, the cast had wonderful chemistry and could tackle both comedy and drama. By the third season I believe, Twitter started to kick off and the fans were able to follow the cast and learn a bit more about them.

One thing that really stood out about this cast was that they all seemed to be pretty well grounded. They didn’t appear to be spoiled Hollywood divas. They were just teens who happened to act. That was refreshing.

Nathan_Kress_thumbs_upI’ve also always had a thing for what I call “adorkable” guys – cute guys who don’t take themselves too seriously. One of the jokes in the Nathan Kress fandom is about his inability to dance. There are plenty of videos and gifs to showcase this. Why this appeals to me? I guess I just enjoy a good laugh. It’s just silly fun.

Another reason I’m a fan of his? This is a big one, but I really admire that Nathan is vocal about his faith in Hollywood and tries to be a role model for his fans. I’ve seen too many stars shrug off this idea. There was even a somewhat recent interview with a Christian website where he went into detail about how his faith defines him and how he wants to be seen as the Christian who acts, not the actor who just happens to be a Christian. I think that’s a really brave thing to do in Hollywood. He also takes part in numerous charities and has even gone to New York City to help the Salvation Army with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

BuOikn4IMAEXuoQI have also yet to hear of a bad fan encounter. From mall signings to random sightings in LA and NY, fans always talk about how sweet he is and the awesome hugs he gives. I also always get a good laugh any time I read about how good he smells. For those who have gotten to actually visit with him longer, I always hear about how personable he is.

BuOiPvyIgAALt2ROff the top of my head, I can think of three or four fans who have met him on multiple occasions. For one girl, her first fan encounter was at a signing. When she mentioned her Twitter username, his head popped up and he immediately gave her a hug! Some devoted fans have also been able to visit the set whenever they were in California. One fan got to even have breakfast with him and his girlfriend. Each and every one of these fans come back with lots of stories about conversations they’ve had with him. Oh, and more hugs!
I mainly use Twitter and message forums to interact with other fans. We’re not the largest group, but we are very excited to see Nathan spread his wings in acting – especially in dramatic roles. I think I speak for the majority of his fans when I say that I always felt that Nathan’s strongest scenes in “iCarly’ were the serious moments. Also, the fans loved his appearances on both “CSI” and more recently “Major Crimes.” You can only imagine how ecstatic we were when we got confirmation he was going to be in a major motion thriller! We’re all just super excited to see where his career will take him.

So there’s my answer as to why I am a fan of the “adorkable” and talented Nathan Kress.

I love this and especially that he seems to be a person of character. He’s going to weather some storms over that! But that will only make him better and a real light.

Into the Storm was Nathan’s first major motion picture appearance, and I hope to see him again on the big screen very soon.

You can find Nathan on Twitter. Maybe he’ll help our guy get acclimated.

And maybe I should have an ‘adorkable’ tag, but for now, Nathan gets one of my favorite tags — ‘dorktastic.’

Candid shots from Into the Storm premiere in New York courtesy of MarieAstra, who by the way is watching The Crucible as I type this! :D

To Someone Going to The Crucible on September 2nd…

One of you sent me a private message or an email or some form of online communication where you said you were going to the play the same day as the “In Conversation” event, but you did not have a ticket to the talk. I’ve looked in vain for your communication but don’t remember who you are. Please get in touch with me as I might have a ticket for you. I’ll tell you whom it’s from if it works out.

If you send me a note or message, I will cross check against my others, so no fakers here. :D

That is all.

Richard Armitage Into the Storm — Spoilers


Oh you thought I was still talking about his swirling around in the Twitterverse? No, a few tweets hardly qualify as a storm. A nice summer rain? Yeah. However, his followers have certainly created a vortex. What exactly that means I’m sure we’ll eventually know. :D

In the meantime, I have a little something to say about Richard’s performance in his latest movie (I already said something about everyone else here). A few minutes after watching the movie, I was bursting with thoughts to express. A veritable flood, and then the turbulence in my mind subsided, and I knew what I wanted to talk about. Not the accent, not the everyman hero, not the vice principal who looked like no vice principal I had ever seen, not the near miss with the meteorologist. No, none of that. I wanted to address a very pivotal point in the movie — the escape from the school.

I happen to know a little something about driving a school bus in adverse conditions (don’t ask me what ’cause I might explain), so when I saw Richard driving (okay, maybe he wasn’t driving. He just looked like he was, or maybe he really was. I would love to know.), my mind came alive, and I couldn’t help but think a little something extra could have been done to aid in frustrating the twister. But what?! Then the answer came to me. It’s the answer to everything. And it can totally be done in a school bus. Go here, and take your time. I’ll wait.

What did I tell you?! Can you see it? The beauty of it is indescribable, so I’ll spare you. Oh hell, watch it again, and this time “be the bus.”

Dear Richard,

If you ever find yourself in a school bus scene again, please call me. I know all sorts of maneuvers. I can drive a school bus in and out of anything except maybe a flock of sheep. Not the stuff dreams are made of. ;p

Sheep are tough especially if they’re going the same direction as the bus. But if they’re going the opposite direction, it is fun to observe.

Call me. ;-)


One of your crazy fans who really can drive in some hairy stuff; think whiteout at 10,000 ft.

P.S. I’ll be buying the DVD for further study. :D

P.P.S. Beverly Farr has some thoughts on the movie as well.

I cannot believe it’s time for school to start again! I ask myself every year why I’m still driving, but I love it. The kids really are so much fun to observe. Of course I have to get my bluff in on them during the first few weeks of school. After that, everything is great. One of my favorite experiences with my kids, and this happens a few times a year:

note: I am going to write a serious post about my impressions of Richard in this movie but not yet.

edit: more from Beverly

Richard Armitage in the Fray

2IJOqmmzSo it seems Richard Armitage joined Twitter on his birthday. I said a long time ago, “Don’t do it, Richard!” But hey, if he’s there, and it seems he is, let’s have some fun with him. :D

First Tweet:

And now for what was formerly called a fake fan letter, and maybe will remain; depends on Rich:


I’m staking my stellar reputation on believing your Twitter account is legit. Given that belief, I have a birthday present, which I thought about mailing to you, but hey, since you’re here with the rest of us nuts, I’ll just give it to you now. A tweet seen round the world from a man who saw the opening night of The Crucible. It gave us longtime fans great vindication.

Hope you enjoy that well deserved praise.

One of your crazy fans

P.S. I hope you don’t make a liar out of me and prove to be a fake.


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