You Intervention

I was inspired to do this blog from a video done by DelicateBlossom. It’s called 4 Minutes (unfortunately the sound is now muted on YouTube[see update below]). I watched the video a long time ago but had forgotten exactly how it went. So I downloaded a copy and was stunned by how well it describes the obsession! Especially starting around 1:32. LOL! Oh, yeah, that’s it exactly!

Definitely puts a grin on my face.

So if you need a grin:

DelicateBlossom, you do great work!

Note to everyone else:

Since this video is not embedded from YouTube, DelicateBlossom’s hit count will not go up. So could you go over there and watch some of her wonderful videos to compensate for this one not counting? And if she has a problem with me putting this here, she is certainly free to let me know, and I’ll do something else. But I hope all of you flood her account with lots of hits so she won’t have a problem. :D

Update as of 5-1-10:

DelicateBlossom did get back to me and has now pointed me to a copy of the video I can embed.


  1. I am a HUGE fan of Delicateblossom’s work! In fact, on my youtube channel, the majority of the videos I have favourited are hers! It’s not only her editing skills that are great but I really like her choice of music as well.

  2. I think we share our admiration of this vid. I haven’t commented yet on any fanvids, but I watch them, a seriously guilty pleasure. I think she also has it stored on rafanvids.

  3. I’ve commented on a few but only a very small percentage of those watched. Some of the most watched I’ve never commented on. My pride won’t let me.

  4. She’s definitely one of my favorites, and this video above is not my favorite of hers even though I do like it a lot.

  5. You can say that again. I have a seriously mixed reaction to being reduced to adolescence by watching these things.

  6. I’m so disturbed by my reaction that I’ve started this blog. :D

  7. […] mean I don’t watch some eye candy montages. Far from it. If you remember, I did say the 4 minutes video inspired this blog. Oh, yeah, I’ve watched it a time or two, and Sexy Back and some others, and yes, yes, his […]

  8. I consider “making me feel like an adolescent” a healthbenefit :)
    The irony for me, is that I never did any adolation in my teens.

  9. I think that might be the irony for several of us. LOL. And yes, it’s a health benefit.

  10. […] a last thank you to DelicateBlossom who was gracious about me uploading her video in one of my first posts but without previous permission. Hopefully, I’ve made that up to her, and in the near future […]

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