It’s About the Story

One of the commenters on my Top Ten Fanvids indirectly highlighted what I look for in the fan videos and to a larger degree why I’m a fan of Richard Armitage. I only have one montage video of RA, and that one is listed because of its comic brilliance. Mostly I’m drawn to the videos that are about the characters he portrays and more importantly, their part in telling their stories rather than the videos that are just RA eye candy. The fact RA can portray so many different characters so well does make me curious about him, but initially and ultimately, it’s about his characters and their stories. The videos enhance that, and it’s nice indeed that the videos can redeem a poorly written script or a script I just don’t like. LOL! But I would be lying if I said I don’t watch some of the eye candy montages.

What it always boils down to for me is curiosity about someone who is very adept at portraying characters whether by writing them or dramatizing them. I want to know their story and how exactly they came to understand someone else’s story. So it’s impossible for me to refrain from examining RA the person as well as his characters. But I’d rather hear from him about his approach to characters and stories instead of watching montage videos. As much as they are fun to watch, they don’t usually highlight anything further about a character’s story or about RA. Again, that doesn’t mean I don’t watch some eye candy montages. Far from it. If you remember, I did say the 4 minutes video inspired this blog. Oh, yeah, I’ve watched it a time or two, and Sexy Back and some others, and yes, yes, his ass looks good when he walks. LOL!

But back to the story. One of the earliest North and South videos I watched and still consider a great favorite was posted by a commenter on that same blog entry. This one:

PoleStar00 is a great vidder, and I adore the music. I already liked Mike Oldfield, but this piece is one of my favorites. Too bad I didn’t buy it several years ago when it wasn’t considered collector’s item. The piece has all the elements that we find in North and South — contemplative introduction, a plaintiff tone, a slow building to the crescendo to the point it almost hurts physically, and finally a soothing coda. Now that I’m thinking about this, I wonder how much Martin Phipps may have been influenced by Mike Oldfield. No, I’m not going to chase that rabbit, but I do wonder.

I have several more North and South videos I love. Some I’ve put below, and the others I’m saving for a future post or two. These can border on the prosaic, but hey, I’m a prosaic kind of gal:

These last two are kind of quirky and aren’t for everyone, but I love ’em! See if you can spot an interesting manipulation in one of them.

Unfortunately, my all-time favorite North and South video is no longer on YouTube nor is it anywhere else I’m aware of. Dang it! It was a video to the Coldplay tune X & Y. That song is far from prosaic. I’m not sure much of what Coldplay has done could ever be considered prosaic. Chris Martin is a poet, and his background definitely shows in his writing. Yep, count me as another one who loves Coldplay! By the way, if anyone remembers who did that video, I would love to know. Maybe they’ll put up a download link if asked. ;-) Oh, and if I were ever to make a fanvid, I would definitely do it to a Coldplay song, and there is one in particular I would do. May have to break down and do that sometime soon.


  1. Thanks for these vids! I’d never seen the first one before, and I love the story telling aspect of the vid :) I have yet to see the rest, exceptI have seen the Untouched one many times, just love it!

    You know, the story telling vids almost function like a movie trailer. When well done they really do build an interest in the viewer to go out and watch the movie.

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  3. Muchas Gracias for this post, so glad you’re elaborating and looking forward to more to come. I started reading your post shortly after you put it up ready for a smart read and then you mentioned his a** and my mind went in the gutter :) HAHA
    And I haven’t watched the vid in awhile either!! In any case I spend the rest of the day enjoying all these N&S vids and downloading them. Sex on Fire is the only one, besides the first one, I’ve seen before and love it, not hard as I am a BIG KoL fan, (hope to see them this summer)
    You pointed out exactly why I love the N&S story loving the original soundtrack so much i was initially not willing to love other music with it. (Love Mike Oldfield too)She also includes some soundclips and Mr.Thornton with his northern accent melts my heart each time. How I missed Spikesbint vid is beyond me, since I have a few of hers. So thanks for my “continuing education” in fanvid world I think these constitutes as fanvidfic. I did notice the manip, fantastic indeed and actually do like that vid a lot. Yep I am quirky alright. Guess it boils down I am ready to move beyond the original and since I have the soundtrack now thanks to I can listen to it anytime.

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