Guy Strays — More Unlikely Duo

When I think about it, maybe these duos aren’t that strange. Guy is overtly sexy just like Britney and Lady Gaga.

The Lady Gaga video I linked in “Pheromone or Not to Pheromone” and the one below are the only two I feel comfortable putting up even though they pretty much strip the finer feelings from any perception of S3 Guy; however, this is an important aspect of Guy. What I think many of us (maybe not all of us but a significant number of us) didn’t think was that Guy could be sexier in Season 3. That was wrong.

There is a third Gaga video, but it really treats him like a piece of meat. Can’t quite bring myself to do that to Richard Armitage never mind Guy. You can figure out what it is from surfing YouTube if you don’t already know. The only hint I’ll give you is that Principessa55 and Romana55 seem to like the combination of Guy and Lady Gaga. Well, that and they like the number 55. Haven’t quite figured out what the 55 is about, but I did figure out Romana 55 is a pizza parlor somewhere.


  1. I am glad that you are commenting on all of these fanvids. They deserve a stringent analysis. I am often so flabbergasted by them that I have to take a walk and calm down after I see one. It’s like having a drug injected directly into a vein (as opposed to taking it by mouth). So I can’t imagine that I will ever be able to offer one.

    I think, though, that treating Guy (or the actor who plays him) like a piece of meat is a central potential ultimate end result of fanvidding. I’ve been impressed at how some of the these fanvids, by slowing down slightly or speeding up slightly the movement of film, cause me to see things I wouldn’t have seen otherwise, but I think that editing can also have the effect of completely editing away every connotation except the visual/sexual.

    I’ve only seen about the first half of season 3, but I was also floored by the way that Guy’s sexuality ramped up. In a way, a lot of season 3 actually looks more like a music video than a drama. IMO, Part of it is the greater elaboration of his costume, which draws your eyes to him more aggressively than the leather top of seasons 1 and 2, and part of it is the hair, which enhances the gender trouble the show puts him and keeps us looking because of its fundamental ambiguity, but part of it is also Armitage’s acting, which became much more commanding in season 3 along with the scripted development in the character.

  2. I’m not a big fan of Season 3. It has some redeeming aspects (no pun intended) but not enough. I love what you wrote on your blog about it.

  3. I am just beginning the Season 3 Robin Hood series but I do like what I am seeing so far!
    As for Lady Gaga, if you can believe it, I had never heard of her until I started watching fanvids!! I really like her song Poker Face, but I prefer the fanvid done by Delicateblossom because the song is really told from a woman’s perspective and in the version I am recommending, Marian is the one with the “Poker face” that Guy is always trying to figure out. It is very well done! If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

  4. I started to post that one, but I wanted to highlight Romana and Principessa. They fascinate me. LOL!

    Thanks for posting and need I say how much I love DelicateBlossom’s videos? She’s really talented. I’ll post more of hers later, and I’ll probably do some sort of analysis on it so I don’t feel completely shallow. :D

  5. Just so it’s clear, DelicateBlossom’s video is not the one that treats Guy like a piece of meat. I figured that was clear but didn’t want to take any chances.

  6. I think we pick and choose our fanvids according to personal taste, and there are some lovely ones out there. And talented compilers? (what word do I want here?)

    Variety – pick what you wish.

    Would love to get into discussion of RH 3, but will wait for Servetus’ opening of that one.

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