Tangent — So the Brits Want to Compete

Well, come on in the water is fine!


In the “Strike Back” Premiere clip, Andrew Lincoln and Andy Harries, the producer, talked about Strike Back competing with America’s offerings. That’s great! I LOVE competition. It usually (not always but usually) gets the cream to rise to the top. Love it; can’t say enough good about it.

Given that, I can think of a really good way for the Brits to compete with us Yanks, and I’ll be glad to help them. If they could figure out how to get the shows to us more quickly, then I can assure I would do my part by watching many times in order to help their ad revenue or however it is they make their money. I’ll even tell lots of people about the shows! Could we just have access to Sky Player? As it is, I buy the stuff as soon as I can, and sometimes (I hate to admit it) I cheat and look at it before I can buy it. But I always buy these things I’ve looked at through other means than traditional broadcasts or dvds. It would be great to do it another way. Aren’t we in a global economy? What’s the hang up?!

I will probably rant more about this later.

I hope someone is listening.

Oh, I guess I can’t make this a complete tangent, since I want to comment on how RA has really put himself outside his comfort zone. Doesn’t he dislike going in the water? That’s really going in the water! Or is that a stuntman? On another note, how interesting that I know all of this useless crap.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitagenet.Com


  1. Hi there RAFrenzy, If the water is any deeper that 6’2″ doubt very much it was actually Richard who took the plunge. He stated in an interview that the first time a director tells him to jump into deep water he’ll say “Get my double!” haha…assuming it is a stunt double, he’s a good one–back of the head looks very RA like, doesn’t it? ;)

  2. It’s a very good double if it’s not him.

  3. I find this very sympathetic as it is something that I share both with Mr. Armitage and with Lucas. Post-traumatic severe dread of water.

  4. Sorry about that. I don’t remember not swimming, and I’ve never had a bad experience, so I really don’t understand the mindset. But I sympathize.

  5. Mr. Armitage obviously has surmounted his problems more than I have if Lucas North’s ability to stand in water is any indication–and his own willingness to “try out” being waterboarded. I sympathize with him because by all reports it sounds like his trauma was when he was a very young child. I was in a canoeing accident as a preteen and haven’t swum since. I wish I could bring myself to.

  6. Swimming’s fine (well, dog-paddling). But edge of cliff thing – where’s my double?! (severe fear of heights – no trips up the Eiffel Tower, CN Tower, etc. thank you).

    Amazing the way that actors so often gird themselves up to perform physical feats as required, notwithstanding private fears and phobias. Cheers to them – male and female!

  7. @servetus,

    I’m sorry about your experience. If it’s any comfort, something traumatic happened to me as a child that made me afraid of the dark. But I began to overcome it about ten years ago. So there’s hope. There’s always hope. :)


    I wonder if it’s almost easier to overcome the fears when they take on another persona. Surely someone has studied this.

  8. RAFrenzy and fitzg,

    That interview suggests something on the lines of what you say — he says he wouldn’t have wanted to jump off the 30 ft cliff if a camera hadn’t been there. I thought that was interesting because his earlier interviews suggest that he liked acting but disliked being watched while doing it.

  9. The camera is the catalyst for John Porter to manifest? Maybe he’s figured that out and previously he didn’t really understand that dynamic of the camera. But then technically a camera is not a person.

  10. @to RAFrenzy: true, but there is a person behind that camera, and a plethora of things like directors, yelling, will you jump already!

  11. Also, I’m not sure that most of us don’t some have some particular fear of something, (male or female), so even if it is not the same phobia, we can empahsise. I went through years of flying fear, (perhaps related to fear of heights) but, as I had to fly so much – can’t get there from here otherwise. Still don’t like like it much, especially nowadays! But do it anyway. And I really, really don’t like snakes. Mice are fine….

  12. It’s a stunt double, apparently.

  13. It’s a stunt double, apparently they would let him do it.

  14. Of course I meant they would NOT let him do it! Darn it!

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