A Few Words About SO

As long as I’m being so candid, I figured what the heck.

I’ve been using the term ‘significant other’ or SO for well, my significant other. But it’s such a chicken shit term. There’s nothing intimate about ‘other,’ and jamming ‘significant’ in front of it is almost an insult. My SO deserves a much better description, but it was the best term I could come up with on the fly to reference him without defining him too much. It’ s not that I want to make SO a blob. It’s just that defining him might jeopardize my anonymity.

But the irony of leaving him so ill defined is that he is a force; his charisma is always around me. RA can’t hold a candle to him. Even writing this blog I can’t blot him out. I could never blot him out. He’s there and he’s not going away. Thank God.


  1. That’s sweet :) How about HP (HoneyPot). Sorry, can’t help but suggest spy terminology!

  2. My mother always calls my father her POSSLQ (they have been married to each other continuously since 1961). I think SO is better than POSSLQ, or the ubiquitous DH. :)

    I have wondered how married woman/women with partners who develop Armitagemania deal with it. I have wondered how their partners deal with it.

  3. Stay tuned. :D

    I cannot stand the term DH. It’s as bad as SO. Maybe it meant something at sometime, but it’s become just as generic and thoughtless.

  4. I refer to mine as Mr T – not because he’s a knuckle-dragging, mohawk-wearing, grunting fossil of the 80s but because his name starts with a T. Or MMM – my main man (not implying that I have others.. apart from Mr. A :)
    Or else he is my better half (we have the same expression in German).. because I think of him s my other half, the one that completes me.. and in many regards he is a better person than me. He’s nothing like RA, but he’s endearingly tolerant (or maybe he doesn’t care?). Hey, he even watches Vicar of Dibley with me and lets me squee (now and then) :D

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