Diary of an RA Fan — Part 8 I Sense Trouble

[edit: if you’re landing on this page looking for 2010 pics of Richard Armitage at the BAFTAs, I have some here.

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Entry — a few years ago minus five months:

I couldn’t stay away from the Robin Hood videos on YouTube. I just had to watch some of them. Someone had up several of the shows, so I started watching. Now I own the first season. That makes over a $100 I’ve now spent on Richard Armitage. I console myself with the fact that I’m getting my money’s worth — watching them every day. I also found this site called RobinHood2006.com which has tons of screencaps. Then I opened a Photobucket account, a paid one! to store my own copies. Let’s see that makes over a 100 bucks plus about $20 more I’ve spent, and I dare not add up the money I’ve spent on the songs to the fan videos I like. I’ll soon own the second season of Robin Hood. The only reason I don’t have it now is it’s not out yet in America, and I don’t have a DVD player that will play the stuff from the UK. What in hell’s name is going on with me? I’m a cheapskate, and now I’ve spent close to 200 bucks because of some British actor I had never even heard of until several months ago?!!

Then again, this picture explains it:

And this Guy of Gisborne, bad ass as he is, is, well, is, well, I’m not sure how to describe him. All I know is that he’s even more sexy than John Thornton. No, he’s equally sexy as Thornton. Then again it depends on my mood. And then there’s Harry. Harry’s my favorite, and Richard Armitage is one savvy dude to play love interest to the Vicar. How could I not like some guy who falls for the Vicar? Then I saw a wonderful video of him at the BAFTAs, which I’ve learned is sort of like the Oscars except it includes TV shows (more useless crap for me to remember). In the video he’s being interviewed about whom he would like to kiss, and he says Nigella Lawson (I already knew her ’cause I’m a Food Network junkie!) after she’s eaten a chunk of chocolate cake.

Uh, where was I? Had to swoon for a second thinking of Richard Armitage liking a full figured woman. Who IS this guy?!

edit: For Twinkling Moon and anyone else who wants to hear RA talking about Nigella Lawson. :D His interview starts about 2:15. Rupert Penry Jones is at 1:50. If you would like your own copy of this or some other footage at the 2007 BAFTAs, then see this page at RichardArmitageNet.com

See Diary Part 9 here.

Screencap courtesy of my stash. Candid shot courtesy of some wonderful person named Soule and video courtesy of RichardArmitagetNet.Com


  1. If it helps, I obtained all three seasons of RH from Amazon.com a couple of months ago. If it works up here, it must work on the other side of the border! Pricey, and yes, I’ve spent ridiculously on DVDs, too. One advantage is the commentaries and extras they provide.


  2. Just love your entry! You’ve got me cracking up :) Especially about already having spent crazy money on a guy you hadn’t even heard of until less than a year ago!

    BTW, did you see the interview where RA talks about Nigella Lawson on Youtube? I have heard of the interview but never have seen it and was wondering where I might.

    As for S2 of RH not out yet in the US, I actually live in the US and saw it at my local public library before S3 aired here on BBCA. I assumed it would be available for anyone to purchase in the US. so maybe ask your library about it.

    Also, I’m with you about RA’s savvy-ness in playing Harry. I think that is the one character he played that is totally different than all the rest (at least that I can think of)

  3. All 3 seasons of Robin Hood have already been released in the US. Season 3 came out in January. They’re all available on Amazon… not that you want to spend more money yet… ha! :) Believe it or not, I only own “North & South” so far. I definitely qualify as a cheapskate.

  4. Two of my favourite Guy pics, Wet Guy heading your page and Guy-before-glove-porn, mmmmmm! At present I only own North and South, but have seen most of Richard’s work on You-tube. Am planning to purchase as much as possible including audiobooks. If you measure the hours of pleasure and drooling (in private away from hubby’s eyes as he proves rather grudging of RA’s charms) that await us, this is surely money well spent!

  5. Thanks so much for the interview clip; I had read the quotation but not seen the interview. How unbelievably sweet, not just the statement, but the incredibly unassuming way that he says it.

  6. He is so unassuming. I love that! I’m sure as he goes on he’ll be more slicked up, but so far he’s managed to maintain his down-to-earth demeanor. May he never lose that!

  7. Oops! i didn’t notice that the entry was in regard to 3 years earlier, my goof up!

    Thanks so much for putting up the interview, that was great! I finally got to see it, I so appreciate your doing that :)

    I am wondering now though, how behind the times we are here in the US in terms of airing things. RPJ refers to making Persuasion in 2007 and I don’t think it aired here until 2009 on PBS. I wonder how many other shows we air years later.

  8. With reference to Gisborne, though I have N&S and VoD, and Spooks7,(love DVDs, for the commentaries and extras – the production and behind the scenes, just keep budgeting for these, while convincing self that they are of value….naturally ), Gisborne continues to haunt me. Obviously – how much analysis does this require? visceral reaction?

    Of course, the analytical side of the brain (laughter from the peanut gallery), kicks in, and demands “Justify that!” . So, we try.

    And N&S is always there, a beautiful production, filmed, as would be a feature film. Outstanding cast, with every member in top form. Both dominated, and not, by the Armitage preformance. (Needs more analysis…)

    Cheers – chip?

  9. I’m trying to drip feed my obsession, by limiting my purchase of of DVDs. This is helped by following Richard’s latest work (Strike Back, Clarissa, etc) which keeps me going in the absence of DVDs. I have a compulsion but not the time or funds to indulge myself. I’ve bought N&S, Sparkhouse, The Impressionists, Shakespeare Retold, I have to confess my choice of these was partly driven by the fact that they were all bargain prices (which I feel conscious is not necessarily the case in the US and elsewhere for these titles.) Also I don’t want to burn my obsession out by watching everything at once – I’m in for the long haul. I have a long wish list though, and I’m waiting for those prices to come down.

  10. Re the long haul: some of my DVD purchasing is related to honestly great performances. Like Sparkhouse, for example — I am not watching it just for Mr. Armitage. Some of it is “completism”: Miss Marie Lloyd. I can’t imagine I’ll watch that too often, maybe only until I say what I want to say about on my blog (I’ve got two observations). And some of it is in between. Robin Hood is an interesting problem in this sense. The scripts are really awful. On the other hand, esp in season three Armitage is so alluring. Not sure what will happen there.

    Hopefully he will make lots more stuff for us to look at. He’s only turning 39 this year.

  11. RH continues to raise problems for me, too. Did the producers/casting etc bite off more than they could chew, engaging this actor for Gisborne? Capitalising on his sudden appeal? And not realising how he could fill the screen? Silly them…there is such imbalance through the whole series (thanks to Gisborne?) – and the effort to appeal to children and adults, which, arguably misfired. And leaves the adults with – Gisborne? Bet the kids loved the sherrif and Robin, though…

  12. P.S. Servetus, was the scripting so awful? Challenge, Madame! Or was it the story line that lost its bearings? The script-writers are “hacks”? who are directed to follow the decisions of the producers, etc? Let’s debate and GIGGLE over that….

    Dream job would be doing both….hacking/word-smithing, and directing story..

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  14. I’m still on the fence for the RH DVD’s. I have the “other” version in time of need and did see them through my library first. But frankly fanvids better serve that purpose. Considering getting the region 2 version as it is so much cheaper but perhaps with less extra’s. But Spooks 7 is actually a priority as I’ve only watched it on iPod touch and smaller tv. That would be worth to see on the big screen which is not compatible with my iPod. And that would be my biggest expense for RA so far, as I am a cheapscate too, I am mustering up the courage.

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